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Thursday, July 6, 2017

In Photos: 'Mission: Impossible 6' and 'Nomis' Updates

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Another day, another set of awe-inspiring photos from New Zealand.

Mission: Impossible 6 filming has been taking place in the Milford Sound area northwest of Queenstown, and both Henry and director Chris McQuarrie have shared some stunning updates from there.

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A post shared by Christopher McQuarrie (@christophermcquarrie) on

And check out the swag! #want

In the meantime, director David Raymond has been busy editing Nomis in L.A.

He gave us this sneak peek at his work on Wednesday.

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Both films will be released next year.


  1. Do you know when will they finish filming there in NZ?

    1. Director Chris McQuarrie said it would be "soon" about a week ago. http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2017/06/fans-run-into-henry-in-queenstown-mi6.html Guessing in the next week or so. Keep you posted!


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