Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Has Henry Been Reading? He Just Let Fans Know

We're officially taking names for the Henry Cavill book club!

Not really, but he did share what he's reading right now in his latest social media post. The publisher of course is super happy with the shout out.

Have you read the series?  we may check it out when the Justice League promo winds down. Thanks for the suggestion Henry!


  1. I like to read the twlight books myself and the Harry Potter series.😁

  2. If Henry reads the book to me; I'll give it a'go. *hehe*

    ETA: Words of Radiance = Henry Cavill

  3. You know if he did audiobook on this, I would listen to it just to hearhis voice.😉

    1. Great idea for him to do audiobooks!

  4. Could you imagine if Henry Cavill played Kal in a live-action series of Way of Kings??? Holy crap....


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