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Thursday, July 11, 2019

London Stories: Superman Meets Superfan

Henry met a Superman fan in London today and he shared the man's impressive tattoo... clearly you don't want to mess with him.

Just a few days ago, Henry also brought up Supes when he left a comment on Jim Lee's post...

It looks like someone may be missing the cape... bring him back soon WB!

Henry belongs in that suit.


  1. Get with it WB. We want more Superman, and Henry Cavill is the only Superman!!!

  2. I believe aquaman. Henry will be back as superman.

  3. Cavill is Superman, WB, stop goofing off..

  4. There will never be a better Superman than Cavill.Kal-El is Kryptonian but Cavill is human and not getting any younger,so ditto: WB, stop goofing off

  5. Any Blogger out of there who wants MoS2 then here's the truth: BvS is the Sequel to MoS and Justice League: SnyderCut is the Sequel to BvS so if you want more Superman then watch BvS and help us get the SnyderCut as it shows more Superman then what we had seen in the Theatrical Cut! Even if you hate it or not so you can watch the True Superman you know and Love!


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