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Friday, July 5, 2019

Director Chris McQuarrie Shares Details Of Superman Proposal

Warner Bros. // Justice League

It's been almost a year since Henry's manager denied a report that he was out as Supes and Henry's cryptic post afterwards. Now Mission: Impossible Fallout director Chris McQuarrie is shedding some light on what could have been, after revealing that he pitched a Superman project with Henry to Warner Bros.

That's a tough pill to swallow. While talking to Collider after a screening of M:I Fallout in L.A. last fall, McQuarrie mentioned how his possible involvement in a Superman project came about:

I had an awesome conversation with Henry Cavill about an awesome version of Superman while we were on set. You’re sitting around of hours, waiting for stuff to be built so I can put Henry in it, and throw him off a cliff, or freeze him to death. And we talked about a really awesome version of Superman.”

A version of Supes that the studio was apparently not ready to approve back then. However under new management... Hope never dies. 

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