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Friday, July 12, 2019

Henry In Italy: Possible Promo Campaign In The Works

Henry wearing a relaxed look, as he confirmed he's in Italy and enjoying the little pleasures that beautiful country has to offer. 

No1 Rosemary Water (which Henry is now an investor in) appeared to tease his trip yesterday, so look for updates as they reveal more on this potential promo campaign in the works.

You can follow Henry's updates in his Instagram stories.

"It was a pleasure" via floresariel

Henry with the owner of the Muu  Muuzzarella restaurant in Naples via Mirkkodemaio


  1. Have a great trip!

  2. SO jealous right now...I wish I was in Italy!! lol

  3. Aww...such a hard working angel/man god. Henry definitely deserves a break and some privacy after a very busy, and intense looking trip to Italy. I have been loving all the IG stories though, and hope that Henry blesses us with a lot more IG stories again soon...when he feels like it (pleeeaase Henry =D) xxx

  4. Oh God, the combination of Henry and Italy!!!


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