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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Henry Carries Young Actress In New 'Man of Steel' Behind The Scenes Pic

How cute is this Man of Steel behind the scenes candid? - it was shot during the tornado scene, as director Zack Snyder talked with Henry who was in costume as Clark Kent. Diane Lane listens closely as well.

Image by Doug J. via the Man of Steel Fanpage. The little girl was four years old at the time. Check out how much she's grown since filming wrapped.


  1. aaaaawwwww....she looks so at ease in his arms.

  2. Such a sweet picture. I'd be hanging on to him too honey. She looks like she is probably had a long day and just wanted a comfy place to lay her little head.

  3. He's going to be a great daddy some day...sigh

  4. Lucky young lady! And very, very clever!


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