Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Stop In The 'Man Of Steel' Promo Tour: Tokyo Premiere

Henry Cavill was joined by director Zack Snyder and producers Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven today, for the last stop in the Man of Steel promo tour. Below is the full Q&A at the premiere. Really a must watch just to see Henry's candid moments with fans. Plus, great answers from all. 

HD video 

Watch Henry say thank you to fans in Japanese at about 3:00.

Video from live stream, not HD but shot at different angles 


Video of the rest of the premiere. The entire time Henry was concerned about getting to as many fans as he could. You hear him talk about it several times during the coverage. Sweet.

Henry has a cute message for fans at home (at about 10:35). He also mentions how his life has changed because of the Man of Steel fame.

Warner Bros. wrap

Click for HQ

@TeamDV_Wales: Love how HC wear a suit with a best for these red carpet walks :) #BritishGentry 

_LEErae: Can't take it!! Hahahaha That pink is KILLING me!!! Dude is on Fi yah!

via cinemawith (click for HQ)

More great shots (click to enlarge)

Fan pics

DiannaChordArmyI'm telling you, Henry Cavill was so nice, he was trying to get every fan an autograph and pictures! 

Love this funny moment!

Sexy close-up 

@DiannaChordArmy: Lol yes! I was this close to Henry Cavill! 

Click to enlarge

Inside theater

The WOW moment for us at this premiere..

Henry cute moment alert at 1:30.

More great smiling shots from the carpet

Some cute shots by @Koz_lov1D

Henry's autograph

So great to see all the fan support :)

A couple of other great photo galleries of Henry here/here.


The Man of Steel press conference in Tokyo is scheduled for today, so stay tuned for the very latest! - Henry gets right back to work on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with filming set to begin soon. Can't wait to bring you updates on that film as well! 


  1. Henry never ceases to amaze me with his meek, warm and down to earth affection to any and everyone. I adore it, can't wait to meet him one day! Sincerest thanks for being such an open-hearted gentleman. From the warm island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Patrice.

  2. He seems a lot more relaxed and comfortable at this premiere! It's good to see his full smile...some down time must have worked wonders! Looks like he's having fun!!!! :)

  3. Oh my, these things are so cheesy! I would hate to be an actor and have to go to these events! But Henry really is a gentleman, he did all in a very classy and kind way! Thank god I will never meet him, it would ruin my life!!! Cheers, Henry!

  4. Oh...I just watched the vids & realized Charlie was with him! I love how tight he is with his brothers. The picture of him hugging Simon at the Jersey premier is still one of my favorites.

    Thanks for posting all this great stuff.


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