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Monday, August 12, 2013

Henry Cavill & Amy Adams Dethrone 'Twilight' For Choice Movie Liplock: Lose In Recount

UPDATE: After votes were recounted, Henry and Amy came up short and lost to Twilight. We have been covering these awards for years, and this is the first time we recall this ever happening. Our friend and journalist Larry Richman agreed and added:
There were at least 3 sites reporting Cavill this morning...all had the same TCA source. But they do this by committee, and recounted

As for us, Henry and Amy's kiss was the winner no matter what. Thanks again to all who voted for them!
Yeap.. us, last night.

After an endless night of waiting to hear who had won the categories Henry was nominated for at the Teen Choice Awards we got the answer from.. where else?.. Wikipedia.

Yes, we know Henry wouldn't approve of us reporting the news straight from there, but we didn't have a choice. When FOX sent out the list of official winners last night, those categories were missing. So while we wait to hear the "official word," we're just gonna celebrate Henry & Amy's alleged win. After all, it was reportedly their HOT but sweet kiss, that took down reigning champs Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart. And THAT is quite a feat. 

We can't wait for some more of that Clark/Supes & Lois action in the Man of Steel sequel ;)


  1. The Twilight fans are pretty crazy. They are organized and campaign. To even come close to dethroning them actually says a lot.

    It doesn't surprise me though. I've been a Superman and Lois Lane fan for years. It's nearly impossible to beat them if they are in competition for anything. Trust me. It's why DC has had to go out of their way to trash their relationship in the new 52 to try and force another direction. Bc Lois/Supes are just ::that:: popular. For good reason. They are awesome.

    I hope we get more Lois/Clark/Supes in the sequel. What we got in Man of Steel was great but it wasn't nearly enough.

    1. CLOIS ALL THE WAY...why the recount????? Bullshit!!! I agree with u, who could ever broke Lois and Superman...Only DC new writers will..a lame promo for that F***ing WW who cant even be in tv/movies for centuries..even scripts was cancelled many time ..So DC are making this new pairing of WW/SM to intro her ...Pathetic!!!

  2. I wonder how much Summit's PR team paid for this recount?

    The Twilight fans are pretty crazy. The Robsten shippers are insane.

  3. Yes. Please Do call us Twilight fans crazy.
    Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Henry. And I even set up an fake account just to vote for Henry and Amy's kiss behind my Crazed Twilight Community. (lol)
    But please face the truth: It's really hard to take down the scorching hot chemistry that had built up for 5 years between Rob and Kristen, no matter what is the truth regarding their personal lives.
    Henry and Amy have amazing on screen chemistry, there's no doubt about that.
    And I believe in time with more development between Clark/Superman/Lois on big screen, they are gonna put up a flam that burns every screen in the movie theaters.
    Just not when Robsten are still in the picture. Sorry!
    To nearly beat down the 4 time MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Couple is something remarkable already!
    And just to think next year, when Twilight is no longer in the picture, who's gonna beat them? XDXD

    Oh, and, please man up (or should I say woman up) and own up to it if you're going to trash something you know a lot people love and you are very likely get mad at.

    1. Sabrina, I can tell you are extremely young. Bc only someone extremely young would leave an embarassing post like this.

      First off, I like Twilight fine. I've defended Twilight on multiple occasions because I think the shade and abuse that gets thrown at the series simply bc it has an audience of young women is incredibly unfair and a product of sexism in our culture that demonizes all things that appeal to young women.

      Second, I like Rob and Kristen as well. But the behavior of some of their fans is frankly....obscene. The behavior I witnessed yesterday when Henry and Amy were announced as the winners was classless and tasteless. Yes, it was crazy behavior. It was obsession. It doesn't speak well of the fandom you claim to love.

      But here is where you are REALLY wrong. So let me explain something to YOU.

      The only reason you even have Twilight--the only reason romances about super powered beings falling in love with "mere mortals" and going to the ends of the earth to be with them even EXIST in your frame of reference is BECAUSE Lois Lane and Superman exist.

      Superman and Lois Lane is one of the most famous love stories in the WORLD. Not just in comics. Not just in movies. They were created in 1938 by a Jewish man named Jerry Siegel. He was the son of Jewish immigrants. Lois Lane was modeled after a woman named Joanne Carter. Siegel fell madly in love with her and they were married years later. Lois Lane was actually based on a real person.

      Man of Steel is the latest entry in the Superman mythos but it's not the first and it won't be the last. Clark Kent and Lois Lane have had a love affair for 75 years. This is literally their 75th anniversary this year. They've fallen in love on television, in movies and in comics. They were married in the Golden Age of Comic books (Action Comics 484) and they were engaged/married for 20 years in modern comics until DC Comics crapped all over it in 2011 with their new 52 reboot. (Something that a lot of people still aren't over due to the raging sexism at the company right now.) They will be together again. And again. And again. They will be pulled apart and put back together but will always circle each other because that's literally what they were created to do.

      I'm not trying to shade what you love. But you know...have a little freaking RESPECT for the fact that what you love didn't just arrive overnight. It was inspired by other things---it was rooted on ideas that came way before your time. The very idea that a beautiful man with "power" would fall madly in love with a mortal and devote his life to her didn't start with Twilight. Superman/Lois started this craze with the Super/Normal love story 75 freaking years ago and many other narratives have simply copied off of them for 75 years in various ways.

      On top of that, then you get to the fact that Lois Lane was a freaking FEMINST figure in this love story. A woman with a job. In 1938. When it was unheard of for women to work. A woman who KEPT HER JOB and her dignity even after she married Superman.

      You are free to love what you love. But don't be ignorant. Don't be ignorant to where this stuff COMES FROM. Because it came from somewhere. Henry and Amy were WONDERFUL in Man of Steel but I'm sure even both of them would acknowledge that they were playing with characters who have been beloved and a love story that has been beloved and sacred for 75 years.

      If anyone still cares about Robsten in 75 years...then you may have something here. But until then? Nothing will change the reality that Superman/Lois Lane will never NEED Twilight to be out of the picture in order to win this game. You won the award. They won the war 75 years ago. But thanks for playing, kid.

    2. To dear Anonymous,
      Thank you for your insightful history lesson. I am very aware the symbol and metaphor and the whole 9 yards behind Superman and his relationship with Lois. I am not trying to dismiss and diminish their significance in any way. As a mater of fact, I strongly believe that there are some references in Twilight, wether intentionally or unconsciously by the author or not, come from Superman. My post was merely to point out that in a viewer-voting award, especially TCA, people are just gonna vote for what they see and like on screen. And you can't deny there are very strong chemistry between the two leads of Twilight, and that is something Henry and Amy haven't had the chance to develop fully on the big screen...this has nothing to do with the 75 years of Superman and Lois history. I guess I missed out the whole drama as to what happened when the award was first announced, and I have no doubt there are a lot of irrational and shameful reactions. And maybe you are right, no one's gonna remember Robsten in 75 years. I am just glad they had a grand farewell to the franchise after 5 years. And I am looking forward to see more of Henry and Amy's wonderful performances in the future. That's all. Again, this is NOT about Twilight beating Superman, or Edward and Bella are better couple than Clark and Lois. This is about how I feel two actors have slightly stronger chemistry than the other two. If I fail to express that clearly, then I guess I should blame my English professors in college for making me believe I know how to express myself properly in English.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Some people this crap a bit too seriously.......

  5. It's the called the "Teen" Choice Awards. The recount was obviously done to appease the younger crowd.

    1. The scary thing though is that ALOT of the Twilight crowd & Robsten Shippers are adults. Hell, some are even grandmothers. Scary.


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