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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Pictures Of Henry With Fans In London (So Jealous)

@d_mcconnell: Couldn't resist cuddling Superman aka Henry Cavill when I bumped into him at the pub last night #cavill #nodecorum

@cillcillwi He was... very obliging he near enough got mobbed but took it in his stride and carried on drinking

@marlen714 there was a steady flow - but he obliged everyone and managed to continue drinking his Guinness!

georgieleroux It's me and superman!  #superman #wow  

via @chloevosperbrown92: #thedream #manofsteel

bodosschloss: Last night's Donnerstag with @jamielaing_ and the amazing Superman.

@JamieLaing_UK I met a real Superhero... SUPERMAN 

via lella_k

Is Henry a sweetheart or what?.. lucky fans!


  1. Argh I clicked this link and yes... now very jealous! That lady cozy up to him...

  2. She had her arm around Henry! Lucky girl!

  3. 4 blondes, bet he's in his element!!!

  4. He has mentioned that he drinks a lot & I believe him - he looks sauced!! :)

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