Saturday, January 17, 2015

BAFTA Party: "It's Gonna Be A Visual Spectacle" Henry On 'BvS'

The BAFTA Tea Party interviews are coming in!

Henry talked to the Daily Mail at the LA bash last weekend, and now the interview where he shared exciting details about Batman v Superman is in!

Henry was one flirty Superman, when he talked "throwing one back in a pub" with the Anglophile Channel, as well as being Supes "for many, many years to come." Watch (if you can get past that sexy wink at the top).

Catch up on everything from that day in our wrap, and watch the clips from his interview with BAFTA in this post. Check out the video of him on the carpet over at Getty Images.



HQ caps after the cut via CavillFan.Net where you can see the rest.


  1. Love the Wink... ;) :D <3 Great Interview...Thanks for sharing, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

    1. The look he gave the camera when he said that.... wow. I'll keep it PG and just stop myself there lol.

    2. Me too, Jen! :D

  2. aaahh this is how i like my Henry best.... just natural, at ease, bit of charm, flirting with the camera :) nothing felt forced. And also, them pecs tho.... the button on that shirt looked like it was about to pop off (d_mn those designer shirts and their use of quality thread)

  3. Yes Henry, you were living in the dark, especially last months of the year. Welcome to the light!! Jajaja!!

  4. on ne s'en lasse décidément pas!


  5. I love him so much <3 Henry Cavill The Best Superman I've ever seen, my love,hope and inspiration my favorite actor ! <3 Henry Cavill Wants to Play Superman For Many Years to Come this is Fantastic Henry,Thank you so much ! <3

  6. That wink and slightly opened shirt though.... My heart just stopped its beats
    thanks for sharing all the pics btw!


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