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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Hug Day: No One Does It Better Than Superman!

Henry embraces his brother Simon, at the Man of Steel premiere in Jersey.

We were so excited about Henry's just released interview with B2B Gibraltar, that we almost missed celebrating National Hug Day! -- Thankfully ecsullivan83 stepped in to tell us about it. Henry is definitely a great hugger, as we've seen in plenty of pics on and off the set. 

Yeah, yeah, Lois.. we know he's your man.. 

Jelly much?

Now THIS is how you end an interview.. that Alicia Malone. Smart woman. 

     Elmo caught in the middle of a love sandwich with Superman. Sweetest hug!

Just as recently as a few weeks ago when he was in LA, Henry was delivering the BEST. HUGS. EVER. (Check it out at 1:19).

And don't forget that's the same thing Helga just told us, after she met him a few years ago. Hey, Superman is a hugger, nothing wrong with that! -- and it actually improves his health in the process.
We hope he's giving lots of big hugs to his furry baby today. Lucky, lucky, Kal.


  1. Now I want a hug from Henry! :D He really is a sweetheart <3 Thanks for sharing, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  2. I love seeing Henry with his family. He seems to be very close to them. I would love to see him with family at the Sundance Film Festival or Bafta Awards. That would be very nice.

  3. Is "Stratton" still happening ? Hope it is

    1. We've seen nothing to suggest it isn't. This is how it goes with smaller studio productions. Q2 filming could mean anywhere from April through June so just because we haven't heard anything more doesn't mean things are not in the works. Stay tuned!


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