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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fan Pic Sunday: "Very Few People Have Taken My Breath Away"

Only click on this top pic if you want to be completely hypnotized by that sexy stare! -- Since it appears Henry has gone back to his cabin in the woods, here are some recently shared fan photos to keep us going until he resurfaces. Yes, the countdown has resumed..

Helga Fontรกnez met him in Puerto Rico, in December of 2012. She just tagged her photo on Instagram, with a caption that read:

"Very few people have taken my breath away... Henry Cavill ladies & gents! Loved him waaaaaay before I met him, & having met him, all I can say is "wow!"

When we posted her pic, thanking her for sharing it, she added:

Had to! And for the record, he gives the best hugs! #toogoodtobetrue

Sure, why don't you torture us some more! -- just like when we saw this next photo, shared by Lee Bartlett also on Instagram. We love Henry's new haircut and his natural hair color, but we gotta say, we're missing the Supes' hair! or is it Solo? -- Lee met him overseas.

Finally, remember Sophie who was ready to give up Henry as a New Year's resolution until we stepped in to stop that madness from happening? - Well, after she gave it some thought.. success! and for the BEST reason too.

Henry is the best Sophie, welcome to the club. Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. I do miss those curls but Henry looks good no matter what

  2. No no no no...Henry looks his prettiest in his natural hair color :D :D

  3. I agree he does look the best with his natural hair color but he still looks good

  4. So Henry must have been in Puerto Rico, December 2012, when Gina Carano was filming her movie "In the Blood".

  5. Lovely pics and video clip! Thanks for sharing, Everyone, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  6. I hope Henry goes to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah so he can mingle with other people in the industry. It would be nice to see more photos of him out and about looking relaxed like the other awards.


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