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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Pics: Henry Out With Friends In Los Angeles

"MR. Henry Cavill for dinner — at BOA Steakhouse."

Thanks to Harris H. Hollywood for sharing these awesome photos of Henry with his LA friends last night. Henry has been in town since last week, to attend several events surrounding the Golden Globes. He's set to start filming Stratton in the spring and will soon be back training for that role, so it's nice to see him enjoying his time in LA. Looking great in that new haircut, Superman!


  1. Good to see him spending time with his friends

  2. I Agree...It's great to see Henry relaxing and enjoying a lil time with friends before heading into preproduction for Stratton. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  3. I love Henry's acting, he's such a talented star. I just love the way he has portrayed Superman. I once got to see him in a LA venue and I was just star struck. Looking forward to seeing him in all sorts of roles, God bless him!


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