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Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Winter Blues?... Hello Superman!

mfjpn: "Hung out with Henry Cavill last night." #Superman #ManofSteel #Theseus #Immortals

Were we right about the cabin in the woods, or were we right about the cabin in the woods?.. Hi Henry!

If Superman wanted to stay under the radar, last night was not the best time to show up at a bar. Our twitter feed was filled with nothing but excited fans watching Henry as Theseus in Immortals on FX. Kinda like with the look he has now. Only now he's much bigger.. and has been sporting a badass beard.   

Henry has been busy preparing for Stratton, that's set to start filming in a few months. We have to say he really knows how to rock the mountain-man look. What winter blues? - hope he's enjoying the chilly weather, because winter sure looks great on him.


  1. Nice to see him again. Hopefully more fan pics will follow

  2. Lovely pic. Very nice. Glad to see him relaxed, etc. Nice beard too...Thanks for sharing, mfjpn, Henry & HCN (y) :) <3

  3. Where is this bar and where are they filming Stratton?

    1. It's in Utah. They aren't filming yet. They aren't filming until sometime in the Spring. England & Rome I believe are the filming locations.

  4. Stratton . An interesting book . They will do a movie in Belfast ? Fragment of Rome is the only little part . But I will not reveal the details . The role requires a lot of perseverance Henry , as Stratton is a loner .


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