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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Whoa, Henry! aka 'Love Fest: Part 2'

Henry rocking the summer look in L.A. (July, 2013)

We told you the 'Love Fest' had a second part, and it's arrived!

As we wait for fan pictures to pop up, we've put together the latest (not new, but new to us) Henry images found on the web. Starting with the return of the cuuurls! (thanks for the forward Mary). MTV VJ, Krit, posted the photo on his blog. He mentioned how proud he was of his family which includes Ben, who worked with Henry in Man of Steel 

Click for swoonworthy size

Henry also posed with WWE star Tamina Snuka that day, good times! -- Marianne Harms (@are_youin) shared this photo below, after her son and his girlfriend met Henry in Michigan this summer. She called Henry, "Super Nice."

Click for HQ

The new year also brought us some great new candids from the Jersey premiere of Man of Steel, via photographer Rebekah Key.

See them in HQ

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

And Elle magazine can recognize a sexy smile when it sees it. And it picked a couple of goooood ones from Henry. (Thanks @juliew1124).

When you chose the Best Fan Pic of 2014, many of you reminded us of several great pictures of Henry from last year that were SO unique, they belong in their very own category.. the Whoaaaa! category.

Who can forget this gem from Detroit, thank you @Bananadoc! (here are a few more). And while Julianna's summer pic with Henry in Detroit was a bit blurry, it was definitely one of our favorite moments. Superman looked HUGE.

Hopefully these hot shots help you fight off those January blues, until we see Henry again!


  1. Who's the lady in black and the guy with the crown?

    1. Good question...Anyone know? :D Great pics.

    2. The woman in black is Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's mother and the guy with the crown (Ben) is also related to him.

    3. 6:15 -Oh wow get out! Awesome thanks for the response. Dwayne's mom looks great! and Henry's curls simply divine...i miss him:(

  2. Thank you for these new pics and for the Julianna's pic ( my favorite pic of 2014. Henry is so cute. A big envy of hugs ). The photos from the Jersey premiere are awesome. I have got my own photos from this day. How can I share them ?

  3. In our original post of Henry with Julianna we called him "Teddy Bear of Steel," it still applies. Thank you for offering to send your photos, we'd love to share them with his fans! -- You can email them to us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com -- If you want to add details or your account from that day, we can add it as well. Really appreciate it!


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