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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cuteness Overload: Henry Cavill Talks "Respect" On Sesame St.

Sesame Street gave us a treat by releasing Henry's clip set to air on the show Tuesday a bit early. He helps Elmo, the piggies and Big Bad, learn all about the word of the day: Respect. Entertainment Weekly then shared the exclusive image above with some great behind the scenes details about the shoot. 

This new still was released by Sesame Street. Group Pic!

Click to watch clip in HD or on YouTube below.

UPDATE 9/16: 

GMA also had a behind the scenes look that briefly featured Henry. Check it out! (at about 1:25). Finally, Henry's hometown BBC reporter Kevin Pamplin, talked to a Sesame Street producer about Superman's visit to the set. You're gonna love what she had to say about him. LISTEN NOW. (at about 43:25).

We've transcribed the parts where Henry is mentioned:

Kevin: Talk about Henry on the set of Sesame Street, how did he do?

Sesame Street producer: Well, I mean, he walked on and of course he's Superman, so everybody was just staggered by how dashing he was. And then five minutes later he turned out to be funny as well.. we were all like wow!, he's funny and dashing? 

Kevin: Sesame Street has been going for all of these years, and you've had so many famous people from Michelle Obama to Robert De Niro, and now Superman. What do you look for when you have that celebrity on the show?, because at the end of the day you have all these preschoolers and children watching around the world. It's an important choice that you make.

Sesame Street Producer: I mean really we're looking for role models who we think represent the best of what our brand stands for, and you know the kids don't know that Henry Cavill is Superman but the parents do, and it's an important way of us staying relevant and connecting with our audience.

Kevin: And at the end of the day for us in little old Jersey, this tiny little Island to produce the world's biggest superhero, he's taken with him that humble, that sorta "feet on the ground" mentality and that's coming across from an American point of view, that seems to be working, that seems to be going down very well.

Sesame Street producer: Well and you really feel it from him, you know like he's a big star and we're used to dealing with big stars, but you really know that they're gonna go far when they're humble and so easy to work with, and he was just an absolute pleasure. Seemed to have a really good time with the wolf and the three little pigs who he was teaching the word "respect."

Kevin: When you were fitting Superman and Henry to a message, was it the perfect fit? or was it one of those things like oh, of course "respect" - Superman.

Sesame Street producer: Part of it is.. you need you know, the muppets are in a situation and you need somebody who has the gravitas to kinda help them through the problem, and it felt like well Superman can solve any problem. He's up for the challenge.

Kevin: And working with Elmo of course, I mean two of the biggest icons.. Superman and Elmo doesn't get any bigger than that really does it? 

Sesame Street producer: Truly! one red guy and then a guy with a red "S" on his shirt and you're golden.

Kevin: Though I would imagine Grover, Super Grover might have been a little upset because I suppose you couldn't have the two superheroes in one place at the same time?

Sesame Street producer: Actually we did have him on set, with his cape and everything just so that he could kind of meet Henry.. it was pretty funny.    

Cute caps from the clip

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