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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Midweek Surprise: Fans Meet Henry In London

stephaniepaiger: "When SUPERMAN's chill bar is next to your university. My heavenly two minute interaction with Henry Cavill."

These guys couldn't believe their luck, when they ran into Henry at a London pub tonight. It's always so nice to see how willing he is to pose for pics in his free time. Never change, Superman.

A photo posted by Kevin Rickenberg (@krick_17) on

@ghostchild__: "I just met Henry Cavill (..) he's so hot, OMG."

picklejuicee: "I present to you, Henry Cavill, aka Superman, at my local pub. #RomanInLondon #HenryCavill #Cheers #ThemMuscles #ThatFace #UGH"

@simply_devine13: "Of course after I leave #London #HenryCavill, aka #Superman, goes to our favorite local pub #takemeback."

SatyaShakita: "He was super sweet and down to earth."

A photo posted by Aimée Jane Parr (@aimeejaneparr) on


  1. Lovely pics at our favorite local London pub...
    Good to see everyone relaxed and happy...
    Thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie, Crick, Ghostchild, Simply Device & HCN (y) :) <3
    SuperSolo50ShadesOfGreyCav-El...<3 <3 <3 U :D

    1. Ooops...I meant to thank Picklejuice, Damien too...typo there...
      Thanks y'all & Henry... :) <3

  2. Which pub is dis lucky ppl hav u all seen man from uncle watch it its awesome henry is super awesome

  3. I like your tittle. Yes it is a midweek surprise like Henry can do. He is awesome. I like so much the new hoodie with the letters C F and M, Cavill ' Fans and M as Mary ! The grey color suits him so well. Casual and more and more beautiful. A very good surprise. Thank you

    1. I thought CFM was Cavill F*¢¥¡Ï€ [loves] Montana

  4. I need to move to London...♡
    He is so sweet, kind, a gentle soul. You can't help but fall in love with him.

  5. CFM = Cross Fit Michigan


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