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Saturday, September 19, 2015

All Smiles In London As Group Of Friends Meet Henry

Alyssa14xx: "Casual run in with Superman!!"

It was an intense game between Japan and South Africa at the Rugby World Cup today, and Henry was out enjoying the action..

He then ran into this lucky group of girls... UPDATE: Wait, is that Gal Gadot??.. Superman and Wonder Woman hanging out in London?!.. if not she's her double, pretty! 

Gal is in London, as she gets ready to start filming Wonder Woman.. but the general consensus is that it's not her. 

UPDATE #2: The lovely girl's name is Sarah, and she's a model. She posted the pic as well. 

Thanks for sharing you guys! -- Poppyw87 also posted her photo, adding: "drinks with Henry, Superman." Sweeeeet.  

Just yesterday a bunch of fans got a chance to say hi to Henry, as he celebrated England's win against Fiji in the cup opener. We're guessing more sightings to come.. thanks for being the best with your fans :)


  1. Lovely pics today...Everyone looks relaxed after England's Rugby win... :)
    Thanks for sharing, Altyssa,Poppy & HCN
    SuperSoloCommandoWashingtonHenry...<3 <3 <3 U :D

  2. No way is that Gal.

  3. Which one? None of those girls look like Gal to me.

  4. Meu Deus eu não tenho a sorte de encontrar com esse de uso.

  5. I am Israeli and this is definitely not Gal. I hope we will get to see beautiful Henry maybe for the premier of BVS in Israel : )

  6. Translation for Alcione Almeida September 19, 2015 at 9:39 PM by Rebecca
    My God I'm not lucky enough to find this of use.

  7. I was at this pub for lunch today. Didn't see Henry. Darn.

  8. Henry is definitely losing weight you can see in his face. He is gorgeous no matter his muscle size <3 I Love Him!!


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