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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Weekend For Durrell Wildlife's Ambassador, Henry Cavill

What rest on Sunday?.. it's another busy day for Henry in Jersey, as he continues his work as ambassador for Durrell Wildlife (read all about Steve's mission). Last night he attended the Ugly Bug Ball, that reached its fundraising goal thanks in part to his efforts. The charity also asked fans for questions for Henry, and his answers are on the way!

Socily shared more about Henry's visit to the park, on her official photo account.

topjerseyphoto: "The weekend was all about Durrell! What would have been the 90th Birthday of Garry...but we were happy to celebrate Badongo's 16th and Indigo's 3rd- he was as cheeky as ever today! And Henry Cavill was back home fundraising at yesterday's #uglybugball and also spent a lot of time today at the park. A great Conservation Programme, a lovely staff at @durrellwildlife and one enthusiastic and lovely, handsome ambassador #cavillconservation-and an amazing cause we all should support! Well done Durrell and happy birthday to the gorillas!"

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It's important to note that today is a very special day for Henry's gorilla family at Durrell Wildlife. Just like last year, the park is celebrating the birthdays of Badongo and his son Indigo, who turn 16 and 3. What a better gift than having Superman come say hi..

Durrell Wildlife:

"Happy Birthday to Indigo and Badongo!

A birthday celebration will be happening at the gorilla enclosure today at 9.30am. Are you coming to visit our gorilla family today? If not, look out for the photos next week!"

We can't wait! -- UPDATE (9/28): Here's a first look at the two birthday boys opening their presents and enjoying their cake (well, really Badongo enjoying both cakes).

In the meantime, check out Henry's page at cavillconservation.com, where you can buy some really cool stuff (like that shirt at the top) and support him in his work to save endangered species. You can also adopt his gorilla family like Jo, who just received a letter from Henry and the charity, thanking her for her support. And don't miss Henry's message for you!

http://cavillconservation.com/join-henry/ Here's my #CavillConservation Limited Renewal Pack which I got in the mail from @DurrellWildlife last Friday. It includes... . 》Exclusive new photo featuring Henry with Durrell Honorary Director Dr Lee Durrell and my adopted gorilla family in the background, signed by Henry 》Durrell Pin Badge 》Photo of 2 yr old Indigo, the youngest member of Durrell's gorilla group 》A limited edition white custom #CavillConservation Charity Wrist Band, which exclusively affirms I have made my first adoption renewal of Henry and Durrell's gorilla family. If you too would like to get involved and be a part of #CavillConservation, click on the link in my bio. #HenryCavill #DurrellWildlifePark #JerseyCI #DrLeeDurrell #2015DurrellAdoptionRenewal #HenryCavillAmbassador
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  1. Beautiful pics...and very special day to have SuperHenry there to wish Indigo & Badongo Happy Birthday. <3 What a busy weekend for Durrell Wildlife, Henry, DW friends, fans & animals. Thanks for sharing all the fun updates, stories & pics, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3
    SuperSoloWA.Cav-El...<3 <3 <3 U :D

  2. I wonder if Henry ate any of the gorillas' birthday cake?

    1. Maybe we get to find out - It must have been a treat to have Henry there for the special occasion.

    2. Update: Just going by that first shot of Badongo on Sunday, it doesn't look like he did :p

  3. Is Henry wearing a baby carrier in that first pic on the top there...or wth is it? (y) :D <3

    1. Think it's something to do with shoulder camera.

    2. Read post below.

  4. Henry is such an amazing man and person. We need more like him in this world.
    As to the item he's wearing...no it's not a baby carrier. It's an inov 8, what a lot of long distance runners use to carry their water, like a hydration backpack. The company also has great running shoes.

  5. Love love love! Just beautiful! Henry and what he does for Durell is just Amazing. He is a good soul.


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