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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Photo: Aimee Bumps Into Henry On A Ferry

Aimee was lucky enough to bump into Henry on a ferry today, and she shared her very cute pic (loving the cap and Durrell sweatshirt!). This past weekend Henry went home to Jersey, to help the charity raise funds at the Ugly Bug Ball. He also reportedly spent some time with the animals at Durrell Wildlife Park. We can't wait to hear more about that visit over on cavillconservation.com soon.


  1. So handsome! Could look at that picture all day! nice hat Henry, did Armie let you have one ;)

    1. Yes I like the Kuryakin look. So cute. In which direction the ferry ?

  2. Love the cap on Henry... Swoon love everything on Henry!!! He can wear a garbage bag and still look smoking hot! Seriously. Ahhhhhh!


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