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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Henry Looking Sharp At Charity Event In London Tonight

Henry will be at the JustGiving awards tomorrow for his work with the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, but tonight he's dressed to impress at a charity event hosted by Alfred Dunhill in London.

A photo posted by Alfred Dunhill (@alfreddunhill) on

We would have loved to be part of that chat.. Sir David Attenborough, nice! -- It's so great to see Henry supporting causes like the work of the World Land Trust, that mirror his own effort at cavillconservation.com and Durrell Wildlife.

A video posted by Alfred Dunhill (@alfreddunhill) on

Click for *untagged* HQ pics HERE. The rest (tagged) below. 

Clearly the fresh buzz cut and suit getting a BIG thumbs up from you guys..

Pretty much..

More as we get it..


  1. Beautiful photos...All the men look handsome tonight at this World Land Trust Orchid event.
    Great opportunity to relax, socialize & raise a lil $ for a good cause.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Everyone & HCN. :)
    SuperSoloWA50SoGHenry... <3 <3 <3 U :D

  2. Looks like Henry is having a great time! It's always good to see him smile, he looks great!

  3. He looks very lean, or is it the suit? Beautiful anyway!

  4. I think he cut his hair again he is looking gorgeous as usual.

  5. No hesitation. He must be 007 !!! Barbara and Mike, please !!!

  6. He is amazing. I'm pregnant!!



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