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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Rugby World Cup Is Here: Go England!

TashaGuthrie: "So I look like I've drank vodka and met Superman."

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@GenyDeee: "He was very kind and stayed to chat for a minute or so. Completely unexpected and much appreciated."

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It's no secret that Henry is a huge rugby fan (he used to play when he was younger), supporting not only his hometown team at various matches including the Siam Cup in May, but also his country -- How many times have you seen him wear that beanie of his? ;)

Today we're sure he'll be cheering for England (UPDATE: New pics at the top), as the team takes on Fiji in the opening game of the Rugby World Cup.  If you want to follow the action, here's a video preview of today's matchup. The Wall Street Journal also has a really great breakdown for those of you not too familiar with the game, plus a few more pointers below.

Of course if you go by this puggle who is apparently the ultimate expert, England has the winning edge tonight (also, we bet Kal could outguess the puggle :p)..

Good luck to England, enjoy the game everyone!

Image: @GeorgeKruis

UPDATE #2: Congratulations England!

P.S. We're rooting for the U.S. as well, their first game is on the 20th.


  1. I'm watching the match. Go England ! I hope Henry is in Twinckenham. Wherever he is, I would like to be with him. Kiss from France

    1. Super England. Fantastic match. And the good surprise : Henry was effectively at the rendez-vous. Not in his appart but with people and his fans. He is amazing. So beautiful with the shirt of his team. I love you Henry

  2. One happy Henry we just won 35 to 11 with 4 tries yes.

  3. Lovely photos with the fans today at the Rugby World Cup...Henry's team won too, so...that was fun.
    Thanks so much for sharing the updates, pics, video clip, etc., Everyone & HCN :)
    SuperSoloWashingtonHenry...Love your England Rose O2 Shirt....<3 <3 <3 U :D

  4. i hav never seen any fan pics of Henry on oxford street wonder why he never goes to pubs there!


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