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Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday: Fans Hang Out With Henry In London

A photo posted by @cstwyatt91 on

Happy weekend everyone!

Henry is out and about in London tonight, and these fans shared their photos with him. Thank you, and so glad you got to hang out with him. He's the best.

GeorgeBrookie: "On the piss with Superman... @henrycavill #superman #jagerbuddiesforlife #justanormalbloke #bestmates #canihaveyourchin"

And does Henry know how to dress down or what? -- In a tux or in a sweatshirt, we love his style.

See everything from his appearance at the BAFTA Film Gala last night.


  1. Tux, hoodie, tux, hoodie. Tuxdie.

  2. I just love the fact he's so normal and not fake and full of bull s... Like many other big names, be yourself Henry it's refreshing.

  3. Slightly off topic, but George Brooke seems like a fun guy!

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