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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Chance Of A Lifetime: Fly With Superman, Attend Premiere

We're exactly five weeks away from the release of Batman v Superman, and today Henry revealed some exciting news.

You can now enter to win a chance to fly with Superman!

We've teamed up with Omaze and Durrell to give YOU the chance to fly in a Helicopter with Henry, ride in the Batmobile, meet Ben Affleck, and photobomb with Jesse Eisenberg at the red carpet premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—all while supporting 3 amazing causes.

ENTER: http://bit.ly/FlyWithHenry 

What we thought was really cool, is that the contest supports Durrell Wildlife, and the options to enter it include a video message from Henry.

Also a trip to Jersey for a meet and greet in May!

There are several other ways to participate, and all benefit some great causes.

Again, here's the link to ENTER http://bit.ly/FlyWithHenry

Good luck!

Images: Omaze.com/Durrell Wildlife/Warner Bros.


  1. I'm not sure i understand how this all works :/ do you have to dnate £40 thousand for the chance to meet Henry? And whay if you don't win, you'll be £40k out of pocket. This is all so confusing for me lol

    1. About £17k haha. Not sure where 40 came from lol

    2. No critical message in this site. If you don't write positive messages, they will be delate. This site become more and more special. It's a pity. I liked this site

    3. Hi! - What it means is that if you buy the meet & greet with Henry or any of the other options available that's yours! - and you get more chances (# entries noted depending on what you buy) to win the grand prize: BvS premiere experience. The money all goes to charity (three great causes).

    4. Okay so lets see if i have this right, if i spend $40,000 on a meet and greet with Henry (donation towards the great causes of course), i have 400,000 chances at winning the main BvS prize hmm sounds good. I think i've got it now i was getting muddled up with all of the numbers haha. Thank you for explaining it to me, very appreciated :-) Now if someone could just lend me $40,000 i would love you forever lol


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