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Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Teaser: 'Batman v Superman' On Good Morning America

cap via aoi_hank_1990

Are you ready?.. we are so ready!

Good Morning America just released a new teaser of their Batman v Superman surprise.

It was previously scheduled as a fan event for this coming Monday, but then that plan reportedly changed.

Either way it looks like something BIG is coming next week. UPDATE: Tuesday appears to be the day.

Cap: @hero_spin

Any guesses on what's on the way? - We'd love to hear from you.

A video posted by Maria Luisa (@maria.luisa.3766) on

You know what we'll be watching on replay until then.. #WhoWillWin: Always Superman!


  1. They are actually going to be there??? Or just scene from movie????

  2. Is Henry Cavill going to be attending in America then, or no?

  3. The only thing it can be is a new TV spot and one introduced by both Ben and Henry. There won't be a new trailer.

    Not sure if they will be there live. It'll probably be a video-feed.

  4. Wasn't the final trailer supposed to be previewed here? Then it got leaked. I think that the "big" event was to have been the trailer.

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