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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Promo: Henry Talks Training For 'Batman v Superman'

Henry still has the internet swooning over the flashback photo he shared recently, as he officially began training for Justice League. This month he's on the cover of TRAIN magazine, where he talks about achieving his Superman physique for Batman v Superman and more. Check it out!


Actual scan, but text may be too small for some so read above.


  1. ok drooling now and the patients thing for this new movie is over! can we see it now???ok now about now??? oh Henry! thanks for always being honest about how stinking hard it is to get in shape and staying there! and for being a good motivator even though I don't think you know that you are :)

  2. So no shirtless scene for him this time?

  3. I eat 3500 calories a day too so why am I not ripped? Hee, hee!

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