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Friday, September 9, 2016

"He's Everyone's Biggest Cheerleader On Set" Amy Talks Zack

If you're an HCN reader, you know we're always cheering for director Zack Snyder. Not only did he choose Henry to be Superman (reason enough), he also gave us a more realistic version of Supes that we can relate to.

Recently Amy Adams had some really nice things to say about Zack. She talked to Variety about working with the Justice League director, while promoting Arrival at the Telluride Film Festival. She mentioned why she has such deep respect for him: "Depending on what an actor needs, Zack kind of adjusts."

Listen to her interview at Variety (at about 40:00). Thanks to @GeekPride5.

Back to Zack choosing Henry, the director talked to MTV about his decision back in 2011. The runner up?.. Joe Manganiello who has been cast as Deathstroke in the next Batman film.

Justice League is currently filming outside of London. It remains to be seen if Manganiello makes an appearance in the film (our guess is yes), and whether he has any scenes with Superman.

Images: Warner Bros/Clay Enos.


  1. Can I just say how much of a heart stopper that picture is of Henry and that little girl in his arms!!!! it's the cutest thing ever! she looks like she's just about to fall asleep! so stinking cute!

  2. Amy is a great actress. I enjoy her movies. Zack Snyder said the very thing I always think of Henry when I look at him. Zack said "I think Henry just has this innocence". So true. Henry just has an aura about him that is truly special, something that I don't see in anyone else in Hollywood.

    1. And a humility that you don't see in other Hollywood types also, he really is a nice guy!

  3. I love what Amy said about Zack here. I am so grateful that Zack brought us Henry for this endearing iconic character as I love this character above all, and grateful for many of the creative decisions he made on MOS. It's a shame that the internet feels the need to persecute him for things they consider mistakes, it wasn't that long ago that he would have been considered the golden boy for superman and DCEU by the fanboys. I hope with DC's restructure that Zack will be redeemed in the eyes of his detractors with Justice League. I really would like to see his vision continued (with some adjustments) in the next solo man of steel.

  4. Love Amy's sincere honesty ☺.
    Mr.Snyder has really been pinned by the internet😯. The human expectations have gone of the charts. It's exhausting.😩


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