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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Supes "Deeply Pondering His Next Shot" In Man of Steel BTS

mamiemccall: "Man of Steel Files: I ❤️ photographing deserts in the winter. One of my faves because it has everything: lighting, grip, camera (w/ follow focus in hand), VFX, SFX, pyro, art direction, and talent (deeply pondering his next shot)."

L.A. based photographer Mamie McCall, today has a treat for Man of Steel fans. She's been posting the photos she took on set, when the movie was filming in California. 

This was the scene where Superman brings down a spy drone trying to track his whereabouts. It was shot in the Mojave Desert.

McCall also took pics inside an Edwards Air Force Base hangar where some of these scenes were shot.

If you love this production stuff like we do, you're in heaven right now. You can see the rest of McCall's Man of Steel set pics on her Instagram

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