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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Details On Signed, Special Edition 'Commando Challenge' T-Shirts

What could be better than owning your own Commando Challenge t-shirt?.. how about having it signed by Henry and embossed with the Justice League logo! -- Organizers shared the fab news today.

The Commando Challenge 2016’s top fundraisers will receive one of 12 Commando Challenge t-shirts signed by The Royal Marines Charity Ambassador and Commando Challenge participant Henry Cavill. Not only that but these t-shirts are a WORLD-WIDE UNIQUE design. To make them that little bit more special and exclusive, Henry has organised to have them embossed with the Logo of the up and coming movie Justice League.

Read all the details on the Commando Challenge site.

If you can't make it to the run there are other ways to get involved, including supporting Henry in reaching his fundraising goal: HERE IS THE LINK TO DONATE.

As always, you can count on us for complete coverage from the charity race..

We're really looking forward to bringing you the muddy pics!


  1. I donated and ordered a hoodie! can't wait to see the muddy pics HCN! I;ll be cheering loudly for everyone that participates! good luck everyone!

    1. Thank you so much. Muddy pics will definitely happen.. *if* we can keep up with the fit and adventurous! - It will be a great event.

    2. I am sure you can keep up with them :) your a pro star :) it will be great to see everyone! They have all worked so hard for this great event

    3. I forgot to mention that I have faith in you getting those muddy pics :) and knowing the pics I've sent you, you'll get one and go " YEP that's for Daniela :)"
      Have a great time! so excited for you!


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