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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mission: Impossible 6 Welcomes Vanessa Kirby, Latest Set Action

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Cinematographer Rob Hardy, today posted a beautiful shot from the latest Mission: Impossible 6 set in Paris. It was the first time we saw Vanessa Kirby, as she shot a romantic scene with Tom Cruise.

And guess who else was there.. hello Ilsa! Rebecca Feguson was also spotted on set today.

Filming appears to have taken place at two different locations..

And this fan even got the first photo we've seen with Tom (click through the gallery below).

Henry has not been spotted on set this week, but keep checking back for updates from Paris!

5/3: Today filming has been taking place at a new location. Here are some of the pics posted by fans.


  1. Translation for Starshootinparis @StarshootinP by Rebecca
    This mornings filming of #missionimpossible6 was at the Trocadéro with @TomCruise photo credits: @Nokinstars @StarshootinP
    11:16 AM - 2 May 2017

    The Trocadéro, is an area of Paris, in the 16th arrondissement (district), across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

  2. Translation for S•E•R•I•E•S @NivoStars by Rebecca
    Tom Cruise: End of filming of Mission impossible 6 on 2 May 2017 in Paris#MI6 #MissionImpossible6 ��
    9:56 PM - 2 May 2017

  3. Translation for Nadia B. @lunar1126 by Rebecca
    Filming of #MissionImpossible6 at Place de la Bourse! #MI6 #Paris #TomCruise
    2:15 PM - 3 May 2017 · Paris, France

    The Paris Bourse is the historical Paris stock exchange. The building, known as the Palais Brongniart, is located in the Place de la Bourse.

  4. Translation for HOPSCOTCH Groupe @HOPSCOTCHgroupe by Rebecca
    A little bit of excitement this morning at rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, @TomCruise! #filming #theplacetobe
    9:37 AM - 3 May 2017 · Paris, France

  5. Translation for Jean-François Guyot ✔ @JFGuyot by Rebecca
    #MissionImpossible6 : Tom #Cruise filming at Place de la Bourse
    11:05 AM - 3 May 2017

  6. Translation for Hubert Didon @DidonAvocat by Rebecca
    Filming of Mission Impossible 6 a few meters from the Cabinet. #filming #MI6 #missionimpossible6 #paris
    11:59 AM - 3 May 2017

  7. Translation for Euclide Financement @euclide_f by Rebecca
    #missionimpossible6 #mi6 @TomCruise zooms past avenue de l'opéra and stops in front of @euclide_!! High class :)
    4:17 PM - 3 May 2017


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