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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Durrell Challenge: All Pics And Videos From Jersey

Congratulations to Team Cavill and everyone who was part of The Durrell Challenge!


It was an amazing day that started in People's Park, as runners gathered for the start of the 13K.


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What no one expected was the big surprise Henry had in store, as he crossed the finish line with his brother Nik on his back.

 via Just Jared

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Henry talked to the press before and after The Durrell Challenge, and we'll be adding the interviews as they come in.

 Images: Jersey Evening Post


Fans also had a chance to meet Henry at Jersey Zoo.



All Images: Toni Clements

Awesome weekend that was certainly full of many firsts. I'm glad that my first ever trip to Europe could be in support of such a great cause as @thedurrellchallenge. When I first heard about this charity I loved that it not only supports the conservation of wildlife, but also the fact that it is truly a cause that brings all kinds of people from all over the world together - many I was fortunate enough to meet at the event. On top of all of that I had the pleasure of briefly meeting @henrycavill, the race ambassador, whose kindness, down-to-earth demeanor, and professionalism made the event that much more enjoyable. I'm glad I went on this adventure to experience and do something good. Definitely one for the books, and memories that will stay with me forever ๐Ÿ˜Š#wildlifeconservation #durrellchallenge2017 #cavillconservation #henrycavill #adventure #domoreofwhatyoulove #stopdreamingandstartdoing #ifnotnowwhen
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Helen Tomlison

What a FANTASITIC time running #DurrellChallenge #durrellchallenge2017 ! Those hills! Beautiful scenery too! So pleased to have participated ! I really enjoyed it, great cause and a respectable time for a first time runner. The marshals and supporters were fantastic - thanks for spurring me on! Thanks to all at #DurrellTeam for organising a wonderful event (from beginning to end) and for the nibbles and vino in the VIP tent and to @henrycavill for my VIP signed photo - pleasure to meet you ALL! I will definitely continue to support #durrellwildlife #durrellwildlifeconservationtrust #durrellwildlifetrust and hopefully, I will be here, on the BEAUTIFUL island of Jersey to do it all again next year! A final BIG THANK YOU to everybody who sponsored me - so VERY much appreciated! #funday #running #veryworthycause #stop-extinction #doitfordurrell #thankyoueverybody xx Unofficial gun time 1h29mins
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The top Durrell Challenge fundraiser, Paula Morrell, got to spend some extra time with Henry and received some really cool gifts.

Young fans also participated in the Superhero Stroll.

And then it was time for the Justice League premiere raffle!

We have more to share with you, including our interview with Henry (UPDATE: It's in! WATCH), so stay tuned for that. And remember you can still contribute to his fundraising page. Let's do this again next year!



A huge thanks to @primula87_tmblr, Nella and Elizabeth for all your help today.

A few additional pics from the day.


  1. I didn't realise you can get reception there. :o

  2. I'm new to this but really very happy to get to know of it.It's amazing! God bless.Indeed, beautiful people from a beautiful place.Everyone looks so happy, and especially Henry. How amazing is he?! You must be Superman, Henry love, I don't have a doubt in my mind.

  3. Did you get to interview Henry this year?

  4. Jersey looks green and lush, and beautiful...

  5. Wow!! Que super รฉxito haz tenido corazรณn de melรณn. Se les ve radiante de alegria a ti y a toda esa maravillosa multitud de seguidores que te acompaรฑaron este lindo dia. Como me gustaria que puedieras realizar algo similar aqui en L.A para que todas tus fans tuviesemos la misma oportunidad de convivir contigo mi Henry. Felicidades por este logro.je t'aime. Besos.

    1. Wow! What a great success you've had sweetheart. One sees you radiant from happiness and all the wonderful crowd of followers who accompanied you this beautiful day. I would like you to be able to do something similar here in L.A for all your fans to have the same opportunity to meet you Henry. Congratulations on this achievement. I love you. Kisses.

  6. Great to see how many fans had the oportunity to meet him and take pics with him. It looks like a cool event and obviously all the people in Jersey had an amazing day!!
    Who is the other man in Shorts who runs by his side? His Bodyguard? Friend?

    1. A lot of people know Ben by both his friend and protector. They're are close like best buddies. I'm waiting on more videos/interviews to pop up. I wonder what happened to his leg though.


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