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Monday, May 8, 2017

Henry On A Motorcycle In New 'Mission: Impossible 6' Pics

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UPDATE: First look at Henry shooting a scene on a motorcycle today.. bring on the high speed action!

Filming on Mission: Impossible 6 continues in Paris, a day after that country elected its new president. We haven't seen Henry on set since Saturday, but today StarshootinParis shared some bits of the video he shot over the weekend. See everything else in our wrap.

Here are some of the sights and sounds from today's filming, including video of Henry on set over at peoplecelebparis' IG story! --> WATCH IT NOW (a few caps below). You can find more new pics and video on our IG, Twitter and FB.

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Click on the link below for a few more tagged photos of Henry on set.

UPDATE 5/9: Tom is back on set, but this time filming more of the car chase scene with Sean Harris.

UPDATE 5/10: Tom continued filming the same scene as Tuesday, no sight of Henry on set.


  1. Translation for 0100media by Rebecca
    Filming Mission Impossible 6 with Tom Cruise in Paris, a Cayenne Camera, a 7 series and two Range Rover Sport.

  2. That's so cool! Movie magic! How awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gotta wonder what's running through Henry's head, these days. He's already accomplished his life's dream of playing Superman and even worked with Russell Crowe, whom he was a fan of since he was a kid. Now he's working with Tom Cruise, one of the biggest, most recognizable stars in the world. I wonder what nice things Tom has to say about Henry...

  4. Translation for miky.mary by Rebecca
    The beauty of living in Paris
    #henrycavill #missionimpossible6 #paris #parcmonceau

  5. Translation for Nokinstars @Nokinstars by Rebecca
    #MissionPossible #filming #Paris rue Lisbonne!#HenryCavill Finally gets on the bike! http://nokinstars.over-blog.com http://nokinstars.com
    12:44 AM - 9 May 2017

  6. Translation for Tiffany Bdh @TiffanyBdh by Rebecca
    Filming of #missionimpossible6: back in 80's? @TomCruise
    1:24 PM - 9 May 2017

  7. Tom Cruise resembles Pierce Brosnan in some of the photos.

  8. Translation for Romain Lebail @LebailRomain by Rebecca
    Henry Cavill the class!!!
    #HenryCavill #filming of #missionimpossible6 in the 8th arrondissement #Paris ��
    2:52 PM - 9 May 2017


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