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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Henry Thanks Everyone For Birthday Wishes, New Set Pics

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Henry kicked off his birthday promoting The Durrell Challenge, so we're not surprised he ended it by sending a shoutout to troops everywhere. He was on location in Paris early this morning, when he posted his new video to also thank everyone for their birthday messages.

At around the same time, director Chris McQuarrie shared this beautiful sunrise pic. Keep checking back for updates from the Mission: Impossible 6 set!

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UPDATE: Here's a first look at filming going on today. Is that Henry next to Tom?.. it looks like it!

The truck starts coming down from the top right side of the video..

Nina got to see Henry filming his scenes (read her story below).

Today I was so lucky to assiste the shooting of "Mission Impossible 6" movie with Tom Cruise ! ❤️ The shooting was taking place right in the heart of Paris, on the beautiful bridge Pont Neuf, where Tom Cruise was doing his cascades and had to crush with his truck ! Apart from Tom Cruise, there was also gorgeous Henry Cavill (superman actor) who sent me a kiss when he was seating next to Tom in the truck :)... Such a lovely experience as I've met also and spoke to a movie director and producer Christopher Mcquarrie and was so welcomed by this adorable man who was so nice to spend all this time talking to me and taking pictures with me !!! I invited them all to my restaurant and they promised to try to come as they are staying in Paris for another 3 weeks... 😛👍Love Americans - they are SO COOL ❤️ #missionimpossible #christophemcquarrie #tomcruise #shooting #henrycarvill #me #greatmoments #instamoments #instamood #instagram #instadaily #instamovies #famous #fun #tbt #hollywood #paris #france #missionimpossible6 #shooting #tournage #christophermcquarrie
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Finally!.. a first clear look at Henry, on today's rainy set of Mission: Impossible 6.

"Henry Cavill, it's my turn for the pictures!

But where is Ethan Hunt today? Tom Cruise was present on the set but he remained in the truck, Henry Cavill, on the other hand, was not against stretching his legs while walking along the Quai des Grands Augustins, The air a little dreamy! The first time for the coffee break and make-up checks, the second time ... just to be the star of the day with his pretty pink and white umbrella! (..) Thank you Mr. Cavill for these privileged moments very appreciated." 


  1. what a sweetheart! glad he had the day off to celebrate his bday!! thanks for sharing everyone!

  2. Henry should try voice acting like Dwayne Johnson did in Moana! I'd love to see that. If you ever meet him again please ask if he is at least considering any sort of voice role.

  3. Translation for Philippe Vilain @PhilippeVilain1 by Rebecca
    Mission Impossible 6. Filming on the Pont Neuf. Tom Cruise drives the truck

    The Pont Neuf is the oldest standing bridge across the river Seine in Paris.

  4. Translation for Philippe Vilain @PhilippeVilain1 by Rebecca
    Mission Impossible 6. Say I was a friend with Tom Cruise 10 years ago and that today he passes under my window by truck without stopping.
    11:20 AM - 6 May 2017

  5. Translation for laurerebois by Rebecca
    My daughter-in-law fell in love ;-) #whenIgrowup#tomcruise #missionimpossible6

  6. Translation for Nokinstars @Nokinstars by Rebecca
    #MissionPossible #filming#Paris!
    #HenryCavill's turn to pass before my lens!
    http://nokinstars.over-blog.com http://nokinstars.com pic.twitter.com/67y55Jpf1T
    10:55 PM - 6 May 2017

  7. He's so lovely. Love him.

  8. Always nice to see Henry and his brothers getting together. Since Charlie is in Paris with Henry, perhaps he'll be at the Durrell Challenge also?


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