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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Durrell Challenge Is Almost Here, Who's Coming?

The weekend is almost here, and that means time for The Durrell Challenge!

How many of you are supporting Durrell and Henry in Jersey on Sunday?.. organizers have shared all the important details to help you plan your visit.

Henry will be joined by hundreds of runners in the 13K, and this year the Superhero Stroll is making its debut. So we expect to see a lot of little heroes doing their part for Durrell.

If you want to pitch in, why not help Henry raise funds for the charity on his official JustGiving page? you can leave him a message, and *he's reading those*.. plus that money will go to save animals from going extinct.

We'll be in Jersey to bring you updates from The Durrell Challenge.

Hope to see everyone there!


  1. Hello Again Mr Cavill. I hope the Weather will be Better for you and your Amazing Durrell Participants in LONDON JERSEY then it will be here in NEW YORK-JERSEY. I still shall be cheering all of you on to the FINISH with EVERYTHING I'VE GOT and MORE. Mind,Body and Soul.

  2. Have a great time everyone! looking forward to all the updates from the day! :)

  3. I can't be there but as an animal lover I am very happy to make a donation to this wonder cause. Good luck with the fundraising and the challenge. Love your work.

  4. I will be there. I hope to see you. Thank you so much for all you do for Henry's fans. Thank you for these last informations. I hope there will french fans. Alone, not speaking english ! This day will be my Durrell Challenge ! Tous avec Henry. All with Henry. Kiss


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