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Monday, May 29, 2017

New Look At Superman In 'Justice League' Concession Merch

It's safe to say we've never been so happy to see a bucket of popcorn in our lives!

After months of waiting with no sign of Superman in the Justice League promo.. FINALLY a new look!

In fact it's actually three new images of Supes, in Golden Link's preview of concession merchandise set to go on sale about a month before Justice League's release on November 17. You can check out the rest on their site. There's always a chance some of this promo material doesn't make the final cut, but we're loving the new look at Superman, as he finally takes his place as a member of the League.

All images: Warner Bros. 
Thanks to @primula87_tmblr for the official link. 


  1. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Wow, wow,wow,super wowwww!!!!!
    My dream come true!!!
    Is amazing, magnificent images.
    Can't wait.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for November to see the whole team kick some butt!. Seeing wonder woman this weekend ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the excitement is real. Nicole

  3. So excited for this!!!! now off to see Wonder Woman!!! I hope they have this merch at the theaters, I soo want one!

  4. Hope we will get these renders as a regular posters, as they are amazing.

  5. Hi, have you been updated about the Omaze Contest apparently it already happened this month right after Durrell Challenge, do you know when they'll be releasing pictures from the contest?

    1. We'll update you guys as soon as they're released.


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