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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Durrell Challenge: Superhero Stroll Winner Meets Henry

"My daughter Lillian on the left with the 'S' on her t-shirt, won the Durrell Superhero Stroll competition to meet Henry."

Congratulations Lillian!

Kirby Hockenhull shared her photos with us, after her daughter won the chance to take a pic with Henry after participating in the Superhero Stroll.

The event made its debut at Jersey Zoo last Sunday, as part of The Durrell Challenge.

We had the chance to ask Henry last weekend what it meant for him to have children look up to him, as they participated in the Superhero Stroll:

"It's not about how it feels with kids looking up to me, of course it's an enormous honor. But it's the position of responsibility and the opportunity for me to be able to have an effect on kids and things which they may want to learn about. So, if they can gain an education from this and have a fun day out as well.. fantastic, that's a win."  

Catch everything else from The Durrell Challenge in our wrap. Thanks Kirby!


  1. Henry does a great job of including the lil ones, and make n them feel tall.when a being can reach the heart of animals n childrens well,that says alot.Thanks henry for loving them.

  2. Henry you do my heart good!!! Making sure everyone, big or small had a good time! You truly are Superman! <3

  3. 2 very lucky little ladies! that's so great that they got to meet and chat with Henry! thanks for sharing everyone! have a great rest of your weekend!

  4. He is just so... handsome, and too cute, all at the same time. He's one heady mix, I say. Even I look up to him, and I'm not a kid. I "salute" him! I think, kids should be taught to look up to him; they won't find a better role model. Congratulations lucky winners! D.

    1. I have to agree with you here. His parents must be so proud of the beautiful man he has grown up to be. I certainly admire him immensely for the way he conducts himself and the kindness he shows to all. Beautiful man.


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