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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Can Wonder Woman Beat Up Superman?.. Gal's Answer

At the premiere of Wonder Woman in Mexico City last night, Gal Gadot was asked whether she could beat up Henry.. and she sounded pretty confident!

Watch her answer starting at about :16.

Forget Batman and Black Adam.. Wonder Woman v Superman on the big screen? 


Warner Bros/Batman v Superman BTS.


  1. Mas bien yo creo que wonder woman vendria siendo como hermana de Theseus.
    Bueno al parecer WW y Superman tienen poderes muy similares,asi que yo creo que quedarian empatados. Solo que no se cuál es el talón de aquiles de WW. Alguien sabe?

    1. Rather, I believe that Wonder Woman would be as a sister to Theseus.
      Well apparently WW and Superman have very similar powers, so I think they would be tied. I just do not know what WW's Achilles' heel is. Does anyone know?

    2. First, if a man managed to tie her bracelets together, she would lose all of her superpowers, exactly like Superman and kryptonite. Second, if her bracelets were ever lost or broken, she goes into an uncontrollable rage.

    3. Blanca, Si un hombre logró atar sus pulseras, ella perdería todos sus superpoderes, exactamente igual que Superman y la Kriptonita.
      Rebecca xxx

    4. Nope! Kryptonite doesn't affect superman's powers, he would still have his powers. It's there to destroy him. Wonder Woman would only lose her powers, not die.

  2. Haha!!! Looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman kick some butt on her own first :) 5 more sleeps!!!! Yayaya!!!!

  3. LOL of course Wonder Woman can kick Supes butt! XD looking forward to watching Gal, Chris and the cast in action in a few days! Nicole :)

  4. Ohhhh,Thanks Rebecca.:)

  5. Wonder Woman can beat Superman she defeated him in the comics and when she takes of her bracelets she will unleash her true powers and kill him.


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