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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Paris Set Pics Keep Coming: More As Production Moves To NZ

As Chris McQuarrie teases potential Mission: Impossible 6 filming spots in London, we still have a few pics we haven't posted from Paris.

Local photographer and blogger Justine Sacreze followed the M:I6 production in that city, updating her blog with the latest details and photos. This set was part of the shoot the Friday and Saturday before Henry flew to Jersey to participate in The Durrell Challenge.

That same weekend, we also got these great shots via TomCruiseForever.com (make sure to check out our initial wrap with videos from the set). We had posted a few of these pics, but not all and some are spoilery.. so be warned. You can see them all in HQ in our gallery at the bottom of the post.

Just Jared published a few more, thanks to Kinorri for the heads up on these.

Filming is moving to New Zealand, and the sets are now being prepped. Stuff reports that the location will stand in for Iraq. You can see their photos and learn more details about the shoot on their site.

We don't expect to get many updates from filming in New Zealand, but hopefully the cast and crew continue sharing a few pics here and there like they did in Paris. According to Tom Cruise, filming on Mission: Impossible 6 should resume in the next few weeks.


UPDATE (5/28)@Gwenreznoreeves has shared all of her photos from the M:I6 sets she visited in Paris. Again, we may have posted a few of these.. but a lot of them are new. See all of her photos in HQ at this link. Thanks Gwen!


  1. Great pictures! I'm a little worried about Henry's receding hairline not insulting just concerned :(

    1. Not too worried, he and all his brothers have a severe widow's peak hairline, it doesn't necessarily mean it's receding. But if it is, he can always plug it.

    2. I think Henry deserves a partner in his life that doesn't FOCUS on his LOOKS alone. Apologies I know it's off topic but when people bring up his hair and his weight it's just strange because we all age, lose hair, gain or lose weight as we get older so why is Henry under the microscope for being human?
      There is far more to a person than LOOKS. Henry my wish for you is to meet the best woman out there that really sees how good you're and is not after your money and fame, or looks. We all are getting older each day let's not forget that

    3. Okay where in hairline does the person talk about partner? In all honesty, not trying to be rude, no ones 'say/thought' matters (Unless it's his family/friends) when it comes to what HC wants, he is his own person, makes his own decision, people shouldn't be used to making it for him. So, it's best to just not think about it and accept whatever is presented infront of you. In regards to his looks, everyone evolves including HC, even if they are concerned they'll grow to like it as they did with the moustache. :)

    4. Reading the comments on his hair as fans we're entitled to be concerned or voice an opinion. I highly doubt Anonymous May 27, 2017 at 2:44 PM meant anything personally about the way he looks. Some fans take it that one step further and make a mountain out of a molehill. Chillout and enjoy living :)

    5. I guess people can't help themselves trying to start things up. Anon @12:34AM it's also strange that you felt the need to mention partner out of the blue hmm.. Your comment is pretty irrelevant to the point in hand and it's highly unlikely any fan posting here is going to ever date Henry. He can date whomever he likes for whatever reason he and them like it is not for the fans to decide.

  2. God... Henry is very handsome! D

  3. As a fellow curly hair person, I appreciate the fact that Henry's curls won't behave LOL! oh my word that's so funny!!! thanks for sharing everyone! all these updates are great!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. These jared pics are fantastic, what amazing clarity and quality.

  5. Wowwww!
    Es todo un deleite disfrutar de estas fotos.
    Henry mi principe, nací para amarte yo te daria lo que quieras, mi corazón, mi vida entera.
    Miro al cielo esperando un cometa para pedirle el deseo de que te traiga hacia mi.
    Si ya sé estoy loca. besos.
    Gracias por compartir.

  6. Translation for Blanca May 27, 2017 at 11:42 PM by Rebecca
    It is a delight to enjoy these photos.
    Henry my Prince, I was born to love you, I you give you whatever you want, my heart, my whole life.
    I look at the sky waiting for a comet to ask the wish to bring you to me.
    Yes I know I'm crazy. kisses.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow lol quite the love letter there..! :) You read this Henry? Blanca is full of love 4 you. ! Well you're quite the charmer so I can see why..

  8. I mean I guess it's been a while since comments about Henry's love life were brought up that someone just had to start again. *rolls eyes*

  9. Great pictures ! Thanks for sharing ! Waiting some official promo images !


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