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Friday, May 19, 2017

"Thank You To Our Amazing Ambassador Henry Cavill"

"The Durrell Challenge was a great success on Sunday. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and for their help raising valuable funds for Durrell. Thank you also to our amazing Ambassador, Henry Cavill, for making it an extra-special occasion!"

Durrell has published its new interview with Henry, while thanking him and everyone who helped make The Durrell Challenge a success for a second year in a row. Watch below and don't miss our interview and wrap from Sunday


  1. Running 13k is no joke. You gotta be strong. Since, I just happen to be puny and frail, I can't go more than a 100m. You guys are impressive, and besides it's all for a really good cause. To Henry, I'd like to say, the best looking one's are usually very quiet persons. They never want to be considered pretty; praise only makes them sad. They are usually very intelligent, and just, and very good at almost every thing in life. Trust me, I know. Love always,D.

  2. He is really an amazing person and his contribution in helping Durrell protect these beautiful endangered species is very heartwarming. Very few shine more brightly than he does.
    And thank you for bringing us the coverage of the event. I wish I could be there and see the animals he is helping and the great work Durrell does. Maybe one day I'll get there. ��❤

  3. Henry is so humble, it adds to his charm. It's almost hard to believe someone that handsome could be that humble. His charities are amazing, animal conservation and Royal Marines, he has a big heart. I am so happy he has had so much success and doors are opening for him left and right. I am not much of a runner either, I usually walk at a brisk pace with a steep incline on the treadmill, it gets my heart rate up into performance level. I am starting to add a little bit of running into it though, maybe I can build it up to try a marathon one day. Granted I might just stay walking/running indoors, being a redhead and all. The sun is not my friend. lol

  4. This man is truly super.He has so much passion,to have a schedule, as he does n still give his best to all his charity WOW!.We should all learn from his lead. And to carry his brother that far WOW again. May the sky open to u henry,may all you wish truly come in the way of your true soul.open an humble,we bow to you 100x.


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