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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Henry Spotted On The 'M:I6' Set, Latest From Paris

Oh, hey Henry!.. wait a second. That's his stunt double on set, in this photo shared by Irwin Miller. Henry's motorcycle was also spotted in Paris today (he was there later), but so far no sightings of him since Monday (catch everything in our wrap).

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson  did shoot some really cool but spoilery (1/2) scenes on Wednesday, and today Tom was back on set.

Simon Pegg just tweeted this update, seemingly acknowledging Benji is getting ready to join production soon.

UPDATE: And look who's arrived in Paris!

In the meantime, director Chris McQuarrie never forgets to bring the humor to work.

Keep checking back for the latest updates from Paris.


  1. Translation for Raphaël MAILLOCHON ✔ @Raph_journalist by Rebecca
    Red-handed: Tom #Cruise upon a motorcycle on rues de #Paris. Sequences to be found on @BFMParis. Filming of #MissionImpossible6
    4:01 PM - 11 May 2017

  2. Translation for David-Hervé Boutin @dhboutin by Rebecca
    Liveliness #paris6 for the filming of #missionimpossible6 rue de nesle w @TomCruise #TomCruise delighted to host filming #cinema

  3. Translation for johnny rockfort @DexterSadek by Rebecca
    #missionimpossible6 in my street! Great guy#TomCruise
    7:39 AM - 11 May 2017


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