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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Batman & Wonder Woman About To Join Superman In Detroit

It's finally happening.. 

 The DC Trinity is assembling in Detroit! 

The news was confirmed by Ben's wife, Jennifer Garner on the Tonight Show Wednesday. We LOVE her.

"I get home Friday and then he leaves.. that day for Batman, it's time."

WATCH  (at about 2:39)

Despite saying she wouldn't be talking Batman vs. Superman because she got in trouble last time, Jen also mentioned Ben's 17-inch biceps and workout routine during her interview with We Got This Covered.

If that's some sort of intimidation tactic Jen.. we wouldn't go there ;) 

Henry & Gal's trainer Mark Twight, gave us the heads up about Wonder Woman's imminent arrival in Detroit, when he tweeted he was on his way back to Michigan Wednesday night. 

We also got a first look at the two of them together during a workout in Tel Aviv via Ynet (lookin' good!). The site was the first to report that Gadot was headed to Detroit. See the rest of the pictures.

Don't forget costume designer Michael Wilkinson is also on his way to Michigan, yup.. we'd say filming is around the corner! -- if you spot any filming or superheroes around town, let us know Detroit fans by emailing us at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. Go get them Superman!

Image: Warner Bros.


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Love all those gifs and pics! Can't wait for filming to start!

  2. FINALLY!!! Thanks so much for all the updates, can't WAIT til we start getting some pictures, we've had a serious drought!!

  3. Seriously can't wait, love the pic's but idk, not feeling Gadot as WW, she is to thin and just doesn't fit the mold. I think wonder woman and I see Linda Carter, tall, strong, killer body, radiant big blue eyes, she was stunning and intimidating at the same time. I just do not get that from Gadot, I just want to make her a sandwich! .....sorry

    1. Me too. Diana is supposed to be the Best of the Best of her people - which is why she's Wonder Woman. She won the right to be Wonder Woman by being better, stronger and faster than any of the others.

      What's Gadot? 95 lbs soaking wet?

  4. So is there going to be a Gadot/Affleck onscreen romance? Bruce and Diana. Just so long as they don't make Diana look bad and retain her independence as a character. Some fans seem to want it.

  5. I'm so excited for this movie! Plus, I live in Detroit so it's a double win. As far as Gal Gadot is concerned, I think she has the potential to be good. She is charismatic, beautiful and athletic. Let's wait to see the final product before judging her to be unfit as Wonder Woman.

    The comparisons to Lynda Carter are short-sighted. Lynda had a model-thin body and her acting wasn't the greatest. Yet she had the advantage of being the first to make WW her own. Everyone always views the past with rose-colored glasses. Just like most people revere Christopher Reeve's performance as Superman. He was good but that doesn't mean other actors can't achieve greatness portraying Superman as well. Henry was fantastic as Kal-El/Clark/Superman. Let's give Ms. Gadot a chance.

    1. Actually Linda Carter was not the first Wonder Woman. I forget her name but a blond played Wonder Woman in a failed pilot movie. She wore an ugly jumpsuit. Personally, I was hoping they would cast a someone who looked like Lucy Lawless in the Xena series. She both imposing and feminine. I always give unknown actor or actress a chance to prove themselves. I hope Gal Gadot does well. If she fails, people are not going to let her live it down, sort like Ben Affleck with Daredevil.

    2. Are you thinking of Cathy Lee Crosby? That was in the early 1970s a couple of years before the Lynda Carter series.

    3. Yes. Thank you.

  6. Everyone has a right to express there opinion on who they prefer to see playing a role, it is a matter personal preference, it's not that serious lighten up......jeeezzz

  7. Lynda Carter wasn't "model-thin" in the slightest.

    Gal Gadot is so tiny - how is this woman supposed to look like she can hold her own against Superman and Batman? This kind of just cements my fears that she's going to be treated more or less like eye-candy in a cute suit. And, dear God, don't make it worse by giving a romance between her and Batman or Superman. Wonder Woman deserves more than to be a throw-away love interest.

    Oh well.

    1. Personally, I don't really care how Gal Gadot looks. Wonder Woman's strength stems from magic. I believe she got depower for a little while in the 1980's as a punishment by a goddess. Wonder Woman still retained her fighting prowess. In DC comics, she is one of the best fighters. She always had that edge over Superman even though she is not as strong as him. It is why Wonder Woman has a chance of beating Superman. Also Superman has a weakness to magic. Magic weapons can harm him. In one story arc, Wonder Woman slits Superman's throat with her magic tiara. He was under mind control and trying to kill her and Batman. She was also able to beat Super girl and Power girl with skill.
      Quite frankly, I am more concern with Gal Gadot's acting ability and fighting skills. People will notice if she can't throw a punch. Unlike batman, wonder woman doesn't wear a mask. So you can't really have a stunt double do all the fighting. I am hoping she does well.

    2. ALL the Amazons were granted powers by the Five Goddesses. They were created specifically to guard Doom's Doorway. Hence why they were a Warrior People.

      They still had to compete to find out who was worthy of the Wonder Woman title, every time the previous WW retired.

      Even though her mother, Hippolyta, forbid her from challenging for the title, Diana entered the contests and won the right to be Wonder Woman because she was better, stronger, faster and more powerful than the rest of the Amazons.

      I care about Gadot's acting and fighting skills, but I also care what she looks like, because I care how Wonder Woman - in her first big screen outing - is portrayed. There are male superheroes galore. There are no female superheroes. I just don't want to see Wonder Woman as a skinny, model-thin cutie-pie who's only there to fill out a spangly costume and batter her eyelashes at Batman and Superman.

    3. The reason I don't care about how Gal Gadot looks is because Wonder Woman is drawn unrealistic. She is suppose to be six feet tall without heels and weigh 135 lbs. She is suppose to be muscular and well endowed. How many women fit that description? How many women can act well and fight well? How many women can look regal, compassionate, and warrior like at the same time? Not many women fit that description.
      I love Linda Carter but she was only 5'9" and not very muscular. Jamie Alexander is only 5'10" and weighs only five pounds more then Gal Gadot. Some German director wanted to make Wonder Woman movie with Christina Hendricks as Diane. She is only 5' 7" and doesn't look very muscular. I don't know if she can fight. The only woman who comes close to fitting that description is Lucy Lawless, but she might be too old now for the part. She is also only 5'9". She was amazing as Xena.

      Finding the perfect Diana is impossible. I can only hope whoever portrays her is skilled enough to show Wonder Woman's essence even though she may not look like her. No one wants talentless bimbo as Diana.
      I also hope that Wonder Woman is written well.. I am worry she be written as mindless brute or some trophy girlfriend. Sadly, many female characters are written poorly.

    4. Good points above.^^ For anyone who still thinks Lynda Carter didn't have a model's body look at her physical stats when she played Wonder Woman (By the way, I think anyone who plays WW can still look like a model and play the greatest female super heroine. As said before, her powers are less physically-based):
      Dress size: 4
      Breasts-Waist-Hips: 37-25-35 inches (94-64-89 cm)
      Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)
      Weight: 122 pounds

      I am not too worried about how Wonder Woman is going to be written. Faora in Man of Steel, although having limited screen time, was well-written and portrayed. Per Total Film, she was "a female villain in a comic-book movie who's tough and cool without conforming to a single cliche. She's not driven to evil because she's been rejected by a man, she's not jealous or heartbroken, and there's not even a hint of a romantic subplot between her and Zod, she's just damned good at her job.

      She doesn't wear form-fitting leather outfits, or use her sexuality to manipulate people.
      That said, she's not overtly masculine - even her fighting style, involving much more speed and agility than the hulking brutes she's surrounded by, is feminine."

      My point is that Wonder Woman is being written by the same screenwriter (David Goyer) with help from the writer of Argo. The new movie is also being executive produced by Geoff Johns who is the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. I think Goyer and Johns should have a good handle on who Wonder Woman is.

    5. You should not have mentioned Geoff Johns. The guy is an idiot. HIs current comic run of Justice League is being bashed for poor character development. He turned Diana into a brainless war monger and trophy girlfriend for Superman. In his writing, he is also very bias against Batman. Hal Jordan is a bigger jerk then usually. Superman is not very well develop. Cyborg is glamorize taxi. The only member who is written well is Aquaman. If you want an idea on how he writes Wonder Woman, I recommend you watch Justice League: War. It is based on his current Justice League run. Personally, I hated it.
      Forwarning: They took out Aquaman and replace him with Captain Marvel.
      Second, it is rumor he was also involved in the Green Lantern movie.
      God, I wish Bruce Timm was back at Warner Bros. He would do a better job of producing these movies. He produced Batman the Animated Series and launched DC animated universe. Batman TAS is one most critical acclaim and popular American cartoon in history. He made me fall in love with DC characters.

  8. THANK YOU!!!!! Hello, super hero, not eye candy!!! And the romance thing ...ah no. even though I must eat my words, Cavill is serious eye candy and I mind that......just sayin'

  9. Sorry......i meant "I don't mind that" ;)

  10. Love all the Pics and updates...and it's great to see Mark and Gal. He's an Awesome Trainer (Legendary world reknown Mountain Climber and Gym Jones Messiah responsible for training the warriors on his training team, for training Cav-El and the guys in "300," etc.). (y)

    Gal is in great shape, is really pretty and will be terrific as Wonder Woman (whose power involves a bit of Magic as well--her strength doesn't just come from her size, but her abilities/agility/etc). She will look the way she needs to for the role when they put her in costume.

    People need to remember...anytime anyone new comes in to play an iconic role, there will be people questioning if they can do it or not. That's natural. Same thing is happening with Ben. Just give them a chance. They'll be great. In time...everyone will see. :) Anyway...thanks for all the fantastic updates, HCN. (y) We appreciate them and you, Y...'cause we love Henry...and the MOS I/II team. <3 <3 <3

  11. Well the only thing I want to say is that I wishes I was living now in Michigan. But no I am at the other side of the world. So I hope their will be a lot of pics coming from the fans who are living there


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