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Saturday, April 12, 2014

MTV Awards Preview, Instagram Outage 2014, UK Getting 'Man of Steel 2' First

UPDATE 4/13: The Best Hero award goes to HENRY CAVILL. We'll be back with a vengeance in a few years MTV #BatmanvsSuperman #Takeover.    

The voting has closed. Now we're just waiting to hear whether Henry gets a Golden Popcorn as Best Hero
at the MTV Movie Awards. Superman IS facing some tough competition, mainly from Iron Man who just "happened" to join twitter leading up to the last few hours of voting. Well played Robert Downey Jr. but we believe in our Man of Steel..

and we'd pick him (up) every time #BestHero

We don't expect Henry to be at the awards, because he's been in Detroit since January preparing for Man of Steel 2. But we'll be sure to let you know if he wins. Good luck Superman!

As we try and keep up with the latest from Michigan, Instagram broke down for a few hours. Without getting into the #$@&%*! that took place, we can show you our reaction.

Just as we began considering checking Batman vs. Superman hashtags on Facebook (shudders) IG was up, and it was once again safe for the world to post selfies. Phew. On the bright side at least it didn't happen next week, when we'll be at WonderCon with potential film news!

As you know Ben Affleck is reportedly already in Detroit, along with Gal Gadot. There have been no sightings there just yet, but before Batman left L.A., he was spotted by the TMZ tour bus. Ben. Freaking. Affleck. 

Love that TMZ crew.. after all they've brought us plenty of memorable Henry moments like this one.. or this one. But back to Detroit, new cast member Tao Okamoto confirmed her arrival in the Motor City Friday. She called it a "day trip" and posted this picture on Instagram. We're staying on top of the latest but appreciate your pics and tips: henrycavillnews@gmail.com.

You guys in the UK must be smiling BIG. This week The Playlist was first to report that the Man of Steel sequel is set to open in the UK, a whole week ahead than in the U.S. -- here's their theory on why that decision was made:

Perhaps WB is more concerned about the all important international box office anyway. It accounted for over 55% of the $668 million worldwide haul of "Man Of Steel," so maybe it's no surprise that they aren't taking any risks there, with "Batman Vs. Superman" reportedly scheduled to open on April 29, 2016 in the U.K. — one week earlier than the U.S.

For now the game of chicken between Warner Bros. and Marvel continues with the May 16, 2016 U.S. date. We're guessing when/if that date changes, so will the UK one obviously.

Some great news to wrap up this week. Guess who was among the top three highest selling Blu-rays in 2013? goooo Man of Steel.

Stay tuned for EVERYTHING Batman vs. Superman. Unleash the Superman already Zack Snyder!


  1. Henry Superman Cav-El <3 <3 <3

  2. Ben is such a great guy! I can't wait to see his Batman. I think I was the only person happy about that casting! He will do a fantastic job as Bruce Wayne! I hope Ben can mentor Henry and they become great friends!

  3. Looking forward to ben's batman too. He is very good with fans. Added benefit is his writer Terrio has done a major rewrite of Goyer's script. Bringing in new characters and hopefully expanding Wonder Woman's role in the film.

  4. Terrio is an incredible writer. So glad he is doing a major overhaul. One rumor I like is the film is Trinity. With Wonder Woman an equal co-star with Batman and Superman. As long as Wonder Woman is portrayed as an equally strong character to batman and Superman. No sappy woman in love stuff please. Confident Terrio won't do that. This film may be meant to set up a rumored 2016 Wonder Woman film. Can't wait for confirmations!

  5. Pictures like the last one are the reason I like Henry Cavill as Superman. His arms and abs look great in the Superman suit and shirtless scenes.

  6. The TMZ narrator's voice narration is hilarious. How cool is Ben Affleck?! Shows us he's not so big-headed. And love you, Henry Cavill! You seem like a classy gentleman who rocked as Clark Kent/Superman.

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  8. He is very good with fans. Added benefit is his writer Terrio has done a major rewrite of Goyer's script. Bringing in new corporate awards and troghies characters and hopefully expanding Wonder Woman's role


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