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Monday, April 7, 2014

Could This Be The New Look? + Box Office Battle Officially On & Birthday Wishes For Superman's Dad

We like the way @SuperheroReport thinks. Over the weekend they tweeted this potential version of what the new Man of Steel suit could look like. Of course we really have no idea if that's the case, but we had been thinking the same thing since we developed our "Infinite" crush on animated Supes. Would the New 52 version of Man of Steel be something you'd welcome? either way, we're sure Henry will look amazing.

We were pretty bummed to hear Russell Crowe pretty much confirm that he won't be making an appearance in the sequel. As you know he shares a special bond with Henry, and today we'd like to wish him a very Happy Birthday. We'll miss you Jor-El!

For those of you not keeping track of Batman's progress, Ben's trainer gave a quick update on the "real-life superhero" look they are trying to achieve. He then deleted the tweets. Oops, somebody may have said too much.

Isn't this the best cake EVER?  it was posted by Tao Okamoto on Instagram, after the news broke that she's joining Henry in Batman vs. Superman. Sweet.  

Callan Mulvey was also announced as a new cast member and now he's speaking about working with director Zack Snyder.

“Zack is such a visionary, so I know it’s going to be an amazing project,” Mulvey told Confidential from Los Angeles, not able to speak specifically about the yet to be titled Batman film or his still unannounced character.

“Talent as a director aside, people really love working for Zack and being on his sets, which says it all really.”

Mulvey is currently appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that racked up some impressive box office numbers over the weekend. In fact today Marvel made it official: the third installment will open on May 6, 2016. The same day as the Man of Steel sequel. Who will move and how soon? place your bets! -- We're trusting a biz man who knows what he's talking about.

And then there's this. In a new interview with IGN, Man of Steel screenwriter David Goyer talked about Marvel and why it's not about doing what they're doing. He also mentioned the challenges of writing Man of Steel and talks about a more cohesive DC universe. Give it a read.


  1. In it's opening weekend, Cap 2 made nearly half of what Man of Steel made in its entire run.

    Let's not get too cocky, WB and associates.

    Batman vs. Superman (or whatever) opening up against Captain America 3 is now REALLY interesting. Marvel will now definitely not move their opening date for Cap 3.

    1. @Anonymous:
      I think you are a little bit confused. Captain America in his opening weekend in North America (domestic) made $95m while Man of Steel made $116m (domestic). The numbers that you are talking includes Foreign Markets, and Capt America had been released for about 2 weeks now in foreign markets. So, there is no comparison.

      Besides, people need to stop to compare Man of Steel with other Marvel movies, because if you are going to compare, you have to compare Man of Steel with all Marvel movies from Phase I (i.e. Iron Man I, Thor I, Captain America 1), and Man of Steel as an origin story, made more money than any of them. :D

    2. @Anonymous:
      Thank you for your "concern" but, no, I'm not "confused"

      Yes, I was speaking of foreign markets. Obviously. So what? Since when is the only mark of box office holiness the US domestic market?

      As I SAID - and let me quote it because you seem to have missed it - "Batman vs. Superman (or whatever) opening up against Captain America 3 is now REALLY interesting. Marvel will now definitely not move their opening date for Cap 3."

      You don't write a paragraph like your last one and then tell OTHER people to stop comparing.

    3. Cap2 is awesome. It is set to gross 700 million plus. More than MOS. One can argue why. Evans is lots hotter or MOS was a relatively weak film.

      WB will back down is my guess. Just at an inconspicuous time. So no one notices. At this rate a Cap 3 following on AV2 could match or even beat Batman versus Superman.

      As OP said, don't get too cocky.

    4. Go to the big Superman site and check out their podcast. One of top honchos said after seeing Cap 2 he wished Evans had been cast as Superman!? This is the most read Superman site on the net. Don't discount Cap!!

    5. To the Anonymous who just posted today at 4:30 pm:
      Please provide a link to support your claims. You know how many Superman and Comic related websites exist. If you can's, then you must be trolling.

    6. Here is the link. About 10 minutes in. He talks about why they are bringing Batman into the next film(think money) too.


    7. Superman homepage is just a fansite. Site is not connected to DC and two guys are just expressing their opinions, sort like we do here. It doesn't matter what they say and shouldn't be taken as fact. Their opinions also shouldn't be used as valid arguments. It also not the largest site.dedicated to Superman. I find the Comic Vine to be more reliable site for info. For Superman updates, I prefer to go to the Official Superman Facebook, set up by DC Comics.
      Finally, I didn't listen to the whole podcast. I lost interest when the "head honcho" mentioned possibility of the red underwear coming back. He lost credence with me.

    8. I don't understand all this love for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was good but not great. This film was action-packed but packed little emotional impact. The only story point that came close to giving the movie depth was the Winter Soldier's plight. Unfortunately, his screen time was mostly limited to fighting.

  2. Russell Crowe and Henry - Awesome Actors (y) <3 <3 <3
    Thanks HCN :)

  3. I don't like the neck on that new suit! It still doesn't look like it has a fly! Come on now, even Superman has to pee!!

  4. Not a fan of the "New 52" look - I hope they're not going that way. The MOS look is just fine - updated, but somehow still "classic".

    Besides, story-wise, what purpose would Superman have to alter his suit? Unless that's the new marketing plan…MOS = "How does Superman shave?", MOS 2 = "How does Superman sew?" ;)

  5. I don't need to see a fly in the Superman suit but, yes, this suit is...bleugh.

  6. I don't like the new suit concept. It looks like a modified turtleneck! You can't see Henry's sexy chest hair through it! Haha


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