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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Henry Back In LA: Says He's Up For A Fight With Doomsday!

UPDATE 5/1: Video now on YouTube. WATCH HERE or below.

TMZ caught up with Henry as he arrived back in Los Angeles and he was nothing but AWESOME. Watch now. Nice to see you back in the sun, Superman! -- his trip comes just a few days after we found out he will reprise his role in the newly announced Justice League. You guys immediately noticed the new look!

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Look for updates as filming on Batman vs. Superman gets going in Detroit.

P.S. We also found this video on the TMZ site from last June that we hadn't shared before. SO. DAMN. CUTE. #sexysmile #rockinflipflops. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Contributor: BelugaLou (Thanks!).


  1. Henry Cavill is incredibly handsome and beautiful. So beautiful it almost hurts to look at him. What makes him even more appealing is that he seems like a nice guy too. Just like the Man of Steel. :) Perfect casting...

    What's up with him returning to L.A.? Guess he has some free time or has other obligations he needs to meet until they start shooting in May.

  2. Anyone else like the butt shot at 1:05. I really liked it.

  3. HCN--do you know what Henry is doing in LA? Is it work related? Will there be a birthday celebration for Henry?

  4. Hot freakin' dang....he is so incredibly fine. No, but seriously, when thinking logically he's an admirable person for how hard he's worked to get to where he is. He does set a good example for anyone procrastinating on getting to the gym or thinking about giving up on their dream. He makes the unachievable seem possible (with some luck/fortunate alignment of the stars thrown in the mix of course).

  5. He is beautiful inside and out! So is Gina Carano....so lovely that these two found esch other!
    Hope they get married!


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