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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Henry Shines At WonderCon, What Surprises Await Us This Year?

The weekend is almost here, and for us that means a trip to Anaheim to cover WonderCon for you. Henry is not scheduled to be there, but DC & Warner Bros. are celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary with a special panel Saturday. With Batman vs. Superman filming about to begin in Detroit, you never know what may be revealed, so make sure you're following us on twitter for the latest updates. Henry attended WonderCon while promoting Immortals in 2011. Here are some of our favorite moments from that panel, for the rest check out our gallery and don't miss the interviews on our YouTube channel.

The confidence

the sexy stare

The shy smile

the smirk 

 the wholehearted laughter.. yup, we're gonners!

And then he crushes all of our dreams in an instant (at 1:30). Thanks Henry.

Here's the entire panel

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!


  1. would be nice if he showed,, but think he will be shooting movie.

  2. Good summary of the feelings us fans go through.

    Are those pictures photoshopped or is his skin really that flawless? It's like he doesn't have pores.

    1. I assume photo-shopped. Henry has deep vertical creases above his nose and horizontal lines through them. They don't show here but were very obvious in the film. My friend asked why they didn't use a little botox during the film. It is distracting a bit.

    2. We know there's a lot of that going around (photoshopped pics) but we don't do or support that, simply because he really is THAT handsome and doesn't need it. Just look through the entire gallery that we linked. He does have perfect skin. Jealous.

    3. Bravo!!!! Go Henry and that flawless skin.....don't ever alter that beautiful face! Go staff for not supporting photoshop, soo lame.

  3. That face is perfect with all the creases and lines! Botox? God no!!! Don't. Even think about it!


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