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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Durrell Wildlife Fundraiser: Henry Cavill At The Siam Cup

The day is here!

Henry is proudly representing Durrell Wildlife at the historic Siam Cup, and you can help him raise funds by visiting cavillconservation.com and donating what you can to help him save the lives of critically endangered animals. You can also join Henry's Durrell family, and leave him a message of support.

Watch this space for the latest pics and videos from the rugby match, where we're also interviewing Henry (UPDATE: Watch our chat with him!). For the very latest, follow us on twitter at @henrycavillnews. Go Henry!


CLICK TO WATCH A PREVIEW of Henry's interview with ITV. He talks about his rugby playing days! -- ITV also put together several great quotes from him on the clip below:
They have footage of Henry with the Siam Cup and celebrating with the rugby players. WATCH HERE.

Listen to a preview of the interview:

It’s about making it a retreat for myself. If I can’t make it a retreat then uhm, then no one can. Uh, so yeah it’s about enjoying being home and saying hi to people and chilling out. I don’t mind photos being taken and all sorts. So it’s just about seeing the family and putting my feet up.

@KenanOsborne: "@jerseyrfc great day @theSiamCup. Thanks Henry Cavill for your support of @DurrellWildlife."

@philipozouf: "Great to meet again #Jersey boy Henry Cavill supporting @jerseyrfc as @DurrellWildlife Ambassador"

cameron_smithurst: #Superman #Rugby #Jersey #TopLad

@MurrayNorton: "My daughter Emily with Henry Cavill. A real gent. Next James Bond? #siamcup"

@JoMusician: "When I met Henry this afternoon.Cracking rugby, great guy though rainy day." 

 via JPNews

Thanks to the Jersey Rugby Football Club, for sharing these great moments from the match.

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via Sue Trower

via rjhodson/tobiashoskins

@paullebretonjsy: "Thank you Henry Cavill, you're a true gentleman for making my daughters day" #SiamCup @jerseyrfc

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Images above: via Charlie Wilkinson/Linda Norman/Samantha Jenkins/Rosie Barlay &Jacqui Smith/Martin K. Kiraithe/Henry Cavill Jersey via @HenryCavillToon/HCO.

Emma Long: "Just hanging with my good friend Superman."

Charlotte Kelsey: "Superman asked for a photo with us"

Chant7elle got Henry's autograph on the event's program and menu. Nice meal!

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via Brendanoneill3

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datravers: "Selfie with Superman"

j.bentley.5: "Henry Cavill #whatabeard"

pkcoconut: "Got to meet a real down to earth #superstar #celebrity and humble bloke #HenryCavil #Superman.”

rugbymylo: Great day and night yesterday! Good times to finish on, good bunch of blokes!

TiggyMoore1: "Squad photo #cavillconservation"

Hey there, Mike Blevins! - Henry's trainer also cheering on Jersey at the Siam Cup. We also have a first look at Henry's cavillconservation.com gear that will soon go on sale. Details to come!

The girls at the Durrell stall were lovely and they had many happy customers!

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And the celebration continued..

victoria_nicholas12: "So... I just met Superman... #henrycavill#ohmylord #henearlylickedmyface "

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Claire.mcmenamin: #Superman #ManofSteel #Jersey #BankHolidayWeekend

Sexy x 1000, Mr. Cavill!

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jaimieclark: "#lad #whatanight #superman #henrycavill"

"Not really sure what was happening here??? #superman #saturday"

I can't hear youuuuuu! - loving the candid moments, Henry!

@nathbenjsy: "This man is made of steel"

datravers: "Upsettingly no superman outfit under the shirt, just a lot of hair!"

@cfestou78: "night out"

via meganirvenfitness

via @MichGGsy

He's a #TeddyBearofSteel 

How awesome are Henry and his fans?.. Much more to come!


  1. Henry's friend looking very pretty. Henry is awesome as always!

  2. He could lick me. Just sayin'

  3. haha... he seems to be in mighty jolly mood. Well suits him.. :p :)

  4. Thank you HCN for all of the pics and video coverage in Jersey. It looks like Henry had a lot of fun with all of the fans and rugby players.

  5. Love all these interview clips and pics from the Siam Cup today! Everyone looks like they had a great time before, during and after the Rugby Game. :D Thanks for sharing, Henry, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3 Nice tongue in the beer shot. lol HENRY...<3 <3 <3

  6. He's young, gorgeous and having a great time.............GOOD FOR HIM.......... Hope he has many many more. Henry is beautiful inside and out.

  7. He is so generous, natural, adorable. Thank you for this wonderful pictures-reportage quickly put online. This blog is amazing. Very happy to see Henry smiling. He is happy on his island. I think he had a good evening ...Who has won his tie ? ...

  8. Henry looks happiest when he's back home. I did notice he lost the tie and a couple of buttons undone so he was having a pint or two. Good for him!

  9. I just have to say that... this is an amazing thing that is being done! Well done! Such amazing work! :))

    Sylvia Elisabeth Adele :))

  10. Were those Wet Willies? (fingers in ears)

  11. Sempre acompanho este blog e acho incrível como vocês conseguem mostrar o Henry de uma forma tão linda.Parabéns.


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