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Friday, May 22, 2015

'Stratton' Ready: Henry Out With Friends In London Tonight

wazashayer:  "So My Bank Holiday Weekend Starts With Looking After A Superhero & Absolute Gent ."

This is one way to make us smile big.. a handsome Henry out with friends in London tonight. And might we add looking very 'Stratton' ready #sexybeardalert -- Filming begins June 2!

Enjoy your long weekend Henry.

And yeah.. basically.
P.S. We knew we had seen that stylish sweater somewhere.. ;)

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Contributor: @RawanZubaid


  1. Beautiful pic at Bodo Schloss...
    Looks like a very relaxing evening at the Cattle Bar & Restaurant... :)
    Thanks for sharing, WazaShayer, Henry, Everyone & HCN <3
    HENRY... <3 <3 <3 U

  2. Nice pic of Henry. I'm glad he is having a great time with his friends.

  3. Gorgeous bearded Henry Cavill in stylish sweater ;) nice pics Thanks HCN <3 enjoy super weekend !

    1. You too. Thank you for always being here for Henry. x

  4. Wow....perfectly round ...just beautiful:P


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