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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You're A Sky Full Of Stars Henry Cavill, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Henry! (who is now back home in London).

Fans from all over the world submitted their pics and messages to be part of this birthday surprise for you. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Wishing you the very best in the coming year.

Much love, your fans.

Have a birthday message for Henry? leave it in the comments section below. And don't miss HIS 
new message for YOU.

It's been pretty cool to see all the love for Henry today, from his friends back in MI..

To his work family...

To his fellow islanders back in his hometown of Jersey..

Henry has much support all over the world. From amazing artists..

To the sometimes cheeky press.. (you really have to read those cute articles).

Back to the touching messages from fans..

We hope this year brings everything your heart desires..

Happy Birthday, Henry!


  1. HENRY...I LOVE YOU... <3 <3 <3
    Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for being such a kind, beautiful, generous man with fans. <3 :D
    I hope you have a wonderful day today. :D
    Thanks HCN (y) :) <3

  2. Un joyeux anniversaire en provenancede la côte d'azur (France)....

  3. Joyeux anniversaire a un homme talentueux, humble et charmant. Que cette journée soit remplie de bonheur et de moments inoubliables.
    Hope you will visit New Zealand one day.
    From a Tahitian girl living in Auckland :-)

  4. Merci d'être ce que vous êtes et ce que vous représentez de part le monde dans vos engagements : Gentil, Sincère, Impliqué, honnête et Droit, je vous souhaite tendrement et sincèrement un anniversaire digne de ce noms, continuez de nous faire rêver à travers vos rôles, surtout ne changez rien! Gros gros BISOUS de France et HAPPY BIRTHDAY pleins de tendresse

  5. 32 years ago a Hero was born destined to conquer the skies and our hearts!!!Happy Birthday Heny Cavill my Hero now and forever beyondNo words to describe how much I love u!!!<3<3<3<3<3 Eva Stabouli,Greece

  6. Happy Birthday Henry. Thank you for always being patient and generous to your fans. You have a kind heart and are always giving of yourself. May you have a wonderful day.

  7. Happy Birthday Henry! Hope this year brings you much success and happiness. Just smile and your fans will be happy, believe me. Love ya.

  8. Henry!!!! I wish you the best in this new year. Have a beautiful day with all your family and friends. I admire you as an actor but most important because you are a humble, talented and generous man. I love you !!!.
    Feliz cumpleaños!
    Greetings from Chile
    Silvana Venegas.

  9. Happy ��day henry! Thank u 4 being such an all round great guy 2 everyone around u, esp 2 ur fans. U r nt only a lovely guy but also embodied what Superman is: humble, kind, down to earth
    Many happy returns 2 u, may u hv a great day of celebrations wif all ur loved ones. But, mayb jus go easy wif e alcohol ya??��
    Wish 4 u a wonderful life ahead, healthy n happy n a soaring career, wife n kids in e near future��
    P.s i cant wait 4 MFU n BvS to come out soon!! Aug n Mar 2016 y r u still so far away?!
    P.p.s i hope i can gt lucky 2 meet u in person some day henry! XOXO ��

  10. Happy Birthday Henry! Wishing you all the best! Have a great day with all your family and friends. Thanks for all the great moments you share with your fans. Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  11. Joyeux anniversaire Henry Cavill !!!! en vous souhaitant le meilleur et l'accomplissement de tous vos rêves gros bisous du Sud-Est de la France.

    Laura CappaÏ

  12. Mr Cavill - Live the dream and don't ever lose your joy. You are a very inspiring man. Happy Birthday.
    Best wishes from South Africa

  13. Happy birthday Henry have a fantastic day<3

  14. Happiest of Birthdays, Henry! You have proven one gets better with age; you are more handsome, more successful, more charitable, and have more fans than ever! Your obvious dedication to your craft is unmatched by most other actors, and is more inspirational than you could ever realize. You are a joy to watch in interviews. Your intelligence shines through, and the quick wit of your remarks keeps us all chuckling. My wishes and prayers for you are for perfect health, every success you desire, and happiness in every aspect of your life. It's YOUR birthday, but you are a gift to all of US!

  15. DeiaBarb - BrazilMay 5, 2015 at 6:47 AM

    Henry, congratulations! I wish you all the happines that may existe, look for news every day to see him, because I know it will be impossible to fins it, feel the good energy you havê and be able to look in his eyes, but perhaps fate prepare something especial for me and help me realize this dream.I admire you, tour strength, generosity, spontaneously, this has never happened before and I'm saddened by the complexity of the situation. So I can only wish you to be happy. A hug very, very affectionate.
    For you : More than words - Extreme

  16. Happy Birthday, Henry!!!
    May God bless you and keep you safe always. Wishing you all the happiness in the WORLD, you're a true hero in our eyes and you deserve it!
    Keep being this wonderful man and person that we all love: kind, gentle, humble, and generous! Have a wonderful day and happy 32! :D
    I love you! ♥
    Lots of hugs and kisses from Brazil. ♥

  17. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend Henry,much health,love and happiness much success in the carrer,enjoy your super wonderful day,with love your big a fan from Prague,Czech Republic !

  18. Happy Birthday Henry, hope you have an awesome day. So happy that you are an ambassador for Durell, I'm a qualified keeper and an ambassador for Wild Futures, spent the last few years volunteering caring for primates. Anyway, have a good one xxx Happy Birthday, best wishes, Katharine, England xxx

  19. HAPPY 32nd TRIP AROUND THE SUN HC! GREETINGS FROM TEXAS "TF"... ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR HAREM! http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/2013/8358/original.jpg

  20. Happiest of Birthdays to you -Hunk of burning Love!!!! Wishing you health, happiness and love....much success now and in the future. Love you for just being you...and that's AMAZING!

  21. Best wishes to Henry on his Birthday and always...have a kick ass day!

  22. I love you Henry!!!!!

  23. Birthday wishes to a mighty fine birthday boy! Henry we love you have an awesome day with family and friends, be safe and most importantly be happy!

  24. Felicidades Henry Puerto Rico te ama!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday Henry! So glad you get to spend it in Jersey with family and friends. Take care of yourself and be safe today. Lots of love for you always.

  26. Happy Birthday you super awesome hunk of man!!! Best wishes on your special day , have fun but be safe. Love you very much!

  27. Happy Birthday you absolute gorgeous man! Hope you have an awesome day and thank you for being so awesome to us your fans. We love you very much!

  28. Happy Birthday to the Man of Steel! Have a super great day with your family and friends, be safe and enjoy getting pissed with your Brothers!

  29. Happy birthday Henry!

  30. Happy Birthday Henry! Wishing you all the best on this day and the rest, another year to celebrate life and to do something you've always wanted but haven't done yet.
    All my love, God bless.

  31. Buon compleanno a un uomo che è bella dentro e fuori. Vivi la tua vita senza rimpianti. La vita è breve. Rompere le regole, perdona in fretta, baciare lentamente, amare veramente, ridere in modo incontrollato e non rimpiangere tutto ciò che ha fatto sorridere. Saluti a voi Henry. Amore Amanda

    Happy birthday to a man who is beautiful inside and out. Live your life without regrets. Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile. Cheers to you Henry. Love Amanda

  32. Feliz cumpleaños Henry! Have fun, celebrate and make more movies!! In México we celebrate a patriotic day that's why I will remember you birthday ����
    Abrazos y besos desde México!!!


  33. A happy belated birthday dear Henry! Sorry it's a day late, but I don't think you would mind to receive greetings from people who appreciate your love, sincerity and generosity towards your fans, your hard work and dedication towards your craft and the charities close to your heart, and your love and respect towards your family. The way you talk about your hometown, your pride and enthusiasm is so refreshing and fascinating! Jersey must be so proud to have ever produced such an extraordinary man! Your humility, determination and perseverance truly inspire a lot of people. Despite your success, you've managed to keep your feet on the ground.
    Stay as you are Henry. Your fans are loyal for a good reason. You attracted them. You only get what you deserve ;-)) Wishing you good health, happiness, peace in your heart, lots of genuine love, true friendships, successful business and an amazing career ahead of you! Hopefully a great script to come your way that will give you a bafta or Oscar nomination or better, an award.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations, hope you had a wonderful one in jersey with your family and loved ones. You deserve a good break, you've worked so hard!

    Lots of love and respect,

  34. Here's to hoping you're resting from yesterday's festivities. Happy belated birthday!!!



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