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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"This Is The Best Day Of My Life" - Fans Say Goodbye To Henry

dreezaamds: "Who's gonna save the world tonight? My Superman! #HenryCavill"

It's definitely a #HappyWednesday for fans who met Henry tonight, as he left Rio. Aren't we always telling you he's the best? -- Brazil, thank you so much for your pics and videos. Made us all feel like we were there.

Have a safe trip, Solo!

Thank you for the video Yara Silva :)

claudinhamars: "#Superman #Superbaby #Supermom

A photo posted by Rafaela Sampaio⭐️ (@rafafs_ceciliano) on

thay_loopees: "It was worth every minute that I waited for him."

verablacksmith: "Thank you boys, lovely people."

A photo posted by Elizabeth Chambers Hammer (@thisisechambers) on


  1. What a sweetheart with the fans...Love these pics & stories...
    So nice Henry, Armie, Elizabeth & Everyone had such a lovely time in Rio for MFU, etc.
    Thanks so much for sharing, y'all & HCN (y) :) <3
    SuperSweetheartSexySoloHenry...<3 <3 <3 U :D

  2. Translation for gigimyone Instagram by Rebecca
    He is real! He's nice! A dream come true *-* It was worth the waiting times and the disappointments along the way, to see this man so close. #AgentedaUNCLEnoRio #HenryCavill #NapoleonSolo To come #manofstell #superman *-*

  3. Translation for Twitter message by Henry Cavill Brasil 11:44 PM - 26 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    Henry saying goodbye to the fans before going to the airport today.

  4. Translation for thuany.santanna Instagram by Rebecca
    Today I hugged him...He was totally handsome and super friendly! He has a lot of beauty for one man!

  5. Translation for Twitter message byHenry Cavill Brasil 12:40 AM - 27 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    A member of our team with Henry.

  6. Translation for Twitter message by Henry Cavill Brasil 12:04 AM - 27 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    Sweet smile

  7. Translation for Twitter message by Henry Cavill Brasil 12:00 AM - 27 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    Henry at the railing attending to fans tonight.

  8. Translation for Twitter message by Henry Cavill Brasil 12:25 AM - 27 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    Henry with fans tonight at the hotel before going to the airport.

  9. Translation for biamaddox Instagram by Rebecca
    What about this, handsome, fragrant, tasty, perfect? I loved meeting you and every hug! Thank you for everything! You were a love ❤ ️ one of the best days of my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I hope you come back soon!!!! #HenryCavill #OAgenteDaUNCLE #RioDeJaneiro

  10. Translation for juuliinda93 Instagram by Rebecca
    Happiness doesn't describe what I'm feeling! Today being a fan was not easy! Was it difficult?! YES! It was tiring, exhausting, suffered. But I did it, I was in that Hotel to take my photos and get my autograph book signed. Worth Every Moment! Mission accomplished! #HenryCavill #ArmieHammer

  11. Translation for Twitter message by The Best Words Br 3:41 AM - 27 Aug 2015
    And you guys thought I was going to give up trying take a picture up close of gorgeous Henry Cavill??? Of course not, right?

  12. Translation for mac_bia Instagram by Rebecca
    After going to the Airport and back again twice (a day off alias), this shy smile made it all worth it! And he bowed for the photo, I felt like a midget right there haha

  13. Translation for mandaobsession Instagram by Rebecca
    In addition to meeting the cute of the Armie, met the man, I mean, Superman, Henry Cavill. That man. Fan suffers, but is always rewarded, even if there's a horrible skirt in the photo, beside this beautiful.

  14. Translation for Twitter message by Amanda Batista 5:12 AM - 27 Aug 2015 by Rebecca
    Fragrant and handsome man. Fan suffers, but is always rewarded. #HenryCavill #Brazil #OAgenteDaUNCLE #Superman


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