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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hard Work Pays Off: New Gym Pic From The Spring

breaking_muscle: "There are infinite possibilities to achieving one goal, but we have to be careful not to confuse infinite with guaranteed." - BreakingMuscle.com coach Michael Blevins @gritandteeth (left) and actor Henry Cavill #coaching #superman #superstrong."

Fitness site breakingmuscle.com has just shared a new pic from the spring, when Henry was training with coach Mike Blevins (gritandteeth.com). We had the chance to talk to Mike about what it takes to train Henry, and his commitment to getting it right. Check out our interview and look for updates, as Henry begins building up that massive body of his for the start of filming on Justice League (pre-production reportedly begins in January). Go Superman!


  1. Would loveeee to lift me some of THAT!!!! Jeez...your killing me HCN:)
    Beard love<3 I miss it.

  2. River you are too funny!!!! love it!!! however I am glad the beard is gone! show me that strong jaw line any day :) Jawline love<3 (how did I do?)

    Thanks Henry and Micheal for being honest about how long and sometimes frustrating training can be! I just started 6 months ago and for the longest time all I heard was that it's easy and anyone can do it you just have to want to! NOT SO TRUE! yes you have to want to but it's not easy! it takes patients and time! big props to you boys for working so hard!!!! and thanks for being an inspiration to those of us who just started! I may never get to those kind of #'s but it helps to know that someday I'll get better at it!! thanks HCN for posting and keeping up with all the U.N.C.L.E news and training news!


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